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End-use applications for Labels

Health and Beauty

Consumers are more likely to interact with an attractive product. If they touch it, there’s a stronger chance that they will purchase it. Having the right feel is thus crucial. 

Yet, health & beauty products are often found in damp environments, such as bathrooms or changing rooms – or even under the shower. 

Experience digital printing mastery

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More choices for look and feel

Labels with enhanced tactility, textures and a luxury feel are easy to design – and easier to print - thanks to the Xeikon X-800 workflow and PantherCure UV ink. This unique combination can generate a tactile layer, creating the “haptic effect”.

High opaque white for stand out design

Not only does the power of white create optimum impact, it also delivers a canvas for the ultimate clarity. Enjoy the ability to take branding artwork to the next level, without spending extra time.

Save significant time in production

In conventional printing, the use of different technologies make it complicated to achieve high quality. The haptic printing process not only expands the range of possible applications for high-end label markets, it also helps save time.

Breakthrough solutions for health & beauty

Best price for any run length

You don’t tell your customer how you print your labels. You just make sure that whatever run length they order, you deliver labels at the best price. This is where Xeikon comes in.

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Elevate with ease and innovation

Your customers are on the lookout for new ideas, and you answer their call. Creativity is what you are proud to bring to the tablet. Consider innovative combinations such as variable content, lottery possibilities and more. You inspire clients as a valued supplier, becoming their main business partner.

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Entering the world of label printing

It has never been easier to include digital label printing in your existing activities, even as a novice. Whether it be to expand a printing house’s commercial offering or to satisfy a brand owner’s need for labels, Xeikon provides a reliable and extensive self-adhesive label solution.

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Flawlessly faster turnaround times

In some jobs, delivery time is the absolute priority. The key to speed is to simplify and automate as much as humanly possible. End-to-end Xeikon solutions enable some of the fastest turnaround times on the market and offer a healthy ROI.

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Score big with custom labels and variable data

Labels with variable content come in many forms: variable images, numbers, codes and also a blend of all these. Their purpose can be to serve high-level security applications or to enable quicker flows in logistics supply chains. Our unique solution provides optimal results to target precisely this goal.

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Step up for short run success

You started in labels with an entry-level machine, but now it’s time to offer your customer more. To fully grasp the business and its creative potential, owners looking for better margins opt for a system that provides extended capabilities.

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Struggling to find the perfect solution for your end-use?

Relevant applications

High quality soap labels

Choose between a tactile and glossy or an offset look and feel. High opaque white is available on both Panther and Cheetah presses, with cost-efficient run lengths up to 4,000-line meter (13,000 linear ft).

Perfume labels

Perfume bottles need to stand out on the shelf. Create distinctive labels that require no tooling, which means the time to market is reduced and at a lower TCOP.

Metallic toners create that extra touch.

Shampoo labels

Run lengths can vary through the year driven by demand, supply chain issues, consumer behavior or special events. Digital printing enables converters to offer lower-cost runs while respecting the brand’s color codes.

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Just how good does it get? See for yourself!