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The wall deco customers want, when they want it

The wall deco market is teeming with opportunities. People are changing homes more often than before and they like their decoration to be on season and on trend. With digital wall deco printing, you’re given the flexibility to print what your customers want, when they want it, in the version and colors they prefer, all while achieving high profit margins for your business.

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Go digital for quick delivery, high margins & creative designs

Digital printing enables just-in-time production, a lucrative new opportunity in the wall deco market. Print according to customer demand and deliver creative designs in short timeframes. By eliminating set-up time and stock-related costs, you’re certain to achieve high margins. The flexibility of digital also sparks off unprecedented creativity as it allows designers to trial many different colors and designs at a low cost. 

How speedy is a Xeikon press really? We walked the talk and put our printing process to the test:

The challenge: print and finish to rolls 15,000 sq feet:

  • Other digital printers: +20 hours 

  • Xeikon: 1,6 hours

Rev up your premium wall deco production with Xeikon

At Xeikon, we deliver speed without compromising on quality! Thanks to our state-of-the-art dry toner technology and automated workflow, we’re the only digital printing solution in the market to present such a high level of quality at a high speed and a low cost per square meter.

Best solution for the lowest cost

Get the best digital printing solution at the lowest cost per square meter

Quality from start to finish

Rest assured quality is sustained throughout the entire production chain: from process stability to repeatability of the output


Optimize your productivity with a high level of automation & limited operator involvement


Offer your customers an environmentally sustainable solution with Xeikon dry toner technology

Speedy delivery

Achieve speedy delivery at high profit margins

The lowest cost per square meter in digital printing

34 seconds to cover the entire production process from raw material to a finished roll, ready to ship. Process the file, print, varnish, slit, rewind and tape in just a few seconds’ time, at a very low cost per square meter. With a high-speed Xeikon press, you’ll achieve immense gains and offset many costs as several expenses will either diminish tremendously or vanish, like set-up time or costs associated with stocking.

Speedy delivery to meet your customers’ needs

Produce a high-quality collection virtually by the next day and meet your customers’ most urgent requests. In the Xeikon printing process, all elements are automated and inline. Once the press is set up, it’ll run autonomously for about 2.5 to 3 hours, producing hundreds of orders, depending on roll length. Quick, easy and effective!

Outstanding quality for guaranteed repeatability

Did you know that Xeikon offers the only digital solution that ensures high quality throughout the entire production process? High-quality pieces with fine line work and extraordinary details are guaranteed through high levels of automation, process stability and color management. With Xeikon technology, you’ll be able to replicate the same collection at a very high resolution, again and again.

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React to changing customer demands. Deal with product and market shifts. Anticipate trends. Create new opportunities. Wow with consistent quality.

Optimal workflow & increased productivity

The printing process has never been so smooth! At Xeikon, we provide a high degree of automation for an optimal workflow. The orders flow in via a print queue, a prepress department or through a web-to-print system. A barcode that contains all customer information is also included for easy product tracking. Process various different orders in the same printing run and enhance your productivity.

Happy team, happy printing

Do away with heavy lifting, tricky work that calls for protective gear and unpopular shifts. Xeikon presses are so fast that fewer shifts are required. While the printing process is always attended, the highly automated workflow makes for limited operator involvement and improved working conditions.

The support you need to keep you up and running

Got an issue or a query? We’ve got your back every step of the way. Get in touch with one of our experts for some friendly advice and support. We’ll make sure you’ve got all the instructions you need.

We specialize in

  • Photo murals

  • Decorative murals 

  • (Repeat) wallpaper

  • Wall tattoos

Creating a sustainable impact Thumb

Creating a sustainable impact

At Xeikon, we’re very much invested in a sustainable printing process that doesn’t just stretch to environmentally friendly substrates, but also the process itself. Our dry toner technology is conducive to a printing process which is 100% dry without any VOCs or substances of high concern. Print obsolescence is a thing of the past. Additionally, our presses are assembled in a factory which runs on green energy and we also run a program to reuse our machines and give them a second lease of life.

How we continue to support you

Regardless of whether you are just starting to use our digital printing technology, have been using it for some time, or want to use it in an even more optimized way: count on Xeikon for the entire life cycle of your solution.

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