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Who we are

At Xeikon, we’re all about customer-centric innovation. Rather than prescribe a particular technology, we focus on providing you with the best total solution for your applications. We’re digital printing pioneers with the agile mindset of a start-up. All businesses are unique and we’ve got the tech, the flexibility and more than 30 years’ worth of expertise to meet your specific needs.

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How it all began

Sometimes supporting a bright idea is all it takes to realize amazing things! In the nineties, our engineers discovered a way to introduce color, launching a new era of digital printing with Xeikon at the forefront. Over the years, we’ve prospered by continuing to innovate and provide solutions that serve our customers best. After our breakthrough in digital color printing, we ventured into another niche and built a strong presence in the digital label market.

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" Whatever your application, Xeikon can help you. We offer both UV inkjet and toner technology. And we know digital printing inside out, for every sector.
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- Robert Welford , President

Flint Group stability & independent agility

Xeikon is the best of both worlds! Becoming part of Flint Group gave us stability while still allowing us to retain our independence. As a dynamic company with a can-do, customer-centric approach, we pride ourselves on being flexible and providing quick response times to help you help your customers.

Where we’re headed

We envision a bright future with vivid (digital) colors. Inspired by innovative technology and the customer, who’s always at the heart of our company, we continue to play to changing needs and further strengthen our expertise as a solution-provider. To this end, we keep expanding our horizons and exploring the dynamic printing landscape. 

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Creating an impact with sustainable growth

The planet is precious. Our approach to sustainable growth is underpinned by the 17 sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations. Among many other initiatives, we run our factories on green energy and we give our used printing presses a second lease of life through the REX program. Additionally, all materials printed with our revolutionary dry toner technology are 100% de-inkable and therefore recyclable.

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State-of-the-art printing technology

Discover digital presses and toner systems for a wide variety of printing applications.

Consistently top-notch imagery

Our digital presses deliver 1200 DPI resolution and automatic quality control for a superior offset look & feel.

Over 30 years of experience

Benefit from our expertise as the pioneers in digital printing.

Expert advice & guidance

Xeikon focuses on your unique needs and provides the best solution to grow your business.

Get the advice & support you need

Looking to delve into the world of digital printing or diversify your offer by investing in new applications? Expect to receive a whole lot more than a printing press from us! Together, we’ll find the best solution for your printing needs and help you serve your customers. Throughout the entire process, you’ll continue to benefit from support and advice to grow your business.

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Optimize your workflow with the best printing solution

We help you serve your customers by revolutionizing your production process. Our solutions are not limited to merely providing you with the right printing technology. We also ensure you’ll increase your productivity and overall efficiency. In order to optimize the workflow, we’ll integrate our Xeikon presses with your work environment and bring in a high level of automation.

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Diversify your offer & grow your business

Excited to explore new avenues and boost your business? At Xeikon, we help you achieve your goals. In addition to picking the right printing technology for your application, we’ll help you analyze how you can tap into new markets and respond to your customer’s changing needs.

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Rely on Xeikon anywhere in the world

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Our experts

Press relations & general questions

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Xeikon North America

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Mark Pomerantz

Socially and governmentally responsible

Across the Flint Group, we encourage maximum integrity and compliance. Every employee is expected to comply with our Code of Conduct. At the same time, we make great efforts to help our colleagues grow. And, of course, we have an unrelenting commitment to improving their health and safety. 

  • By means of training courses, workshops, challenging new assignments ... 

  • Through all kinds of initiatives on health at work.

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When it fits to print, we make printing solutions that fit. See the story of Xeikon.