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Commercial printing

Custom commercial prints in the blink of an eye

In the commercial print market, run lengths and volumes are rapidly decreasing and there’s a strong demand for more customization. Our Xeikon press is the ideal solution to meet your customers’ needs and quickly produce high-quality commercial prints that are tailored to the target audience.

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Master micro-runs with digital printing

Digital printing is on the rise as buying behavior is steadily changing with a strong trend towards low volumes and micro-runs. A digital solution is a low-risk and cost-effective way to swiftly serve up lower volumes. Do away with set-up time, reduce warehousing expenses and eliminate the risk of producing higher volumes than needed. To boot, a digital solution will provide you with the means to personalize your products and diversify your offer.

Go for quick, quality and cost-effective printing with Xeikon

Did you know that Xeikon offers a highly cost-effective and high-quality solution for short to medium runs? Benefit from the highest electrophotography printing speed in the market. Our versatile presses have a high substrate flexibility and variable data printing capabilities to customize your pieces. There’s no fixed sheet size and our machines are both roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet for seamless integration with your B2 finishing equipment.

Quality & speed

High-quality prints & ultrafast delivery at an affordable price

Wide variety of substrates

Print on a wide variety of substrates, from thin papers to thick, coated stock

Variable data printing capabilities

Obtain maximum impact and effortlessly customize your prints with our presses’ variable data printing capabilities

Print quality

Serve up unparalleled print quality thanks to 1200dpi 4bps imaging

Predictable costing

Rest assured with predictable costing of the print job thanks to our dry toner technology

Seamlessly integrated

Print B2 sheets on a Xeikon press for seamless integration with your B2 equipment

Our presses for custom commercial prints

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Did you know

Did you know that Xeikon has the best electrophotography printing speed in the market? With a Xeikon, you’ll be able to print 404 pages per minute or 2,545 B2 sheets an hour

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