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Direct Mail

Eye-popping direct mail for maximum impact

Personalized direct mail that’s striking to the eye and stands out from the clutter still serves as a much stronger call-to-action than the most persuasive e-mail. Ensure your customers achieve maximum impact by using a Xeikon to finish off your pieces to the highest quality.

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Personalize high-quality pieces with digital printing

High-quality direct mail that’s personalized and provides a tangible experience is still valued by the customer and has a much higher return-on-investment than electronic communication. The traditional two-step printing process drastically reduces the quality and overall impact of the piece. Digital printing synergizes printing and data management, the only way to achieve true customization.

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Maximize the impact of direct mail with Xeikon

A phased deployment allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your direct mail pieces. For maximum impact, switch to a Xeikon after your first mailing. Our variable data printing capabilities enable you to create highly personalized stand-out pieces on a wide variety of premium stocks. Create pieces that are punchy, persuasive and powerful!

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Phased approach

Bring a Xeikon into play at the later stages of your phased approach for superior, show-stopping pieces

Variable data printing capabilities

Benefit from our extensive variable data printing capabilities to achieve highly personalized communication

Fifth color

Provide your customers with a custom-made brand color or offer a broader color gamut through Xeikon’s fifth color

Wide variety of substrates

Print on a wide variety of substrates, including high grammages, on our flexible presses

Optimize your workflow

Minimize the time to market by automating & optimizing your workflow

End-to-end solution

Enjoy the perks of an end-to-end solution, fully automated & integrated with your processes and existing finishing equipment

Flexible machines for the highest quality

Get all your needs met with our flexible machines. The Xeikon press is capable of variable data printing for unique, personalized pieces. It also allows you to print on a wide variety of substrates, including (un)coated stock with grammages up to 350 GSM. For a nominal minimum order quantity, you can even request a custom-made fifth color to expand the color gamut or provide your customers with their specific brand color.

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A complete end-to-end solution

At Xeikon, we realize printing is just a small part of the production process. In order to shorten the time to market and optimize your operational efficiency, we’ve invested in a high level of automation. Additionally, we ensure our presses are fully integrated with your equipment to further streamline the workflow. Our end-to-end solution has got you covered, from raw materials to real results.

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For every application

Thanks to Xeikon, you turn every direct mailing into a gem, both:

  • Direct mail letters

  • Direct mail cards

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Our presses for direct mails

" Xeikon offered the most secure solution to produce tax stamps. Thanks to our digital print installation we are now able to respond and adapt very quickly.
- Fedopress , Belgium
The truth about sustainability Thumb

The truth about sustainability

Did you know that electronic communication actually has a higher carbon footprint than you might think? Electricity from the local grid that’s used to power and cool computers, mobile devices and data centers is generated with varying carbon emissions. Our sustainable dry toner technology ensures all our print products are fully de-inkable and recyclable.According to climatecare, a single e-mail is estimated to have a footprint of 4 grams of CO2 and an e-mail with a large attachment could produce as much as 50 grams.


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