Diversifying the product offer to meet consumer demand is a continuous challenge for brand owners. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for personalized goods. They're on the lookout for products that are unique, that express their personality and that they can share on their social channels. Additionally, brand owners need to fight counterfeiting, which can impact consumer safety. To this end, they're looking for new software solutions with extra image and text capabilities. These solutions should also include subtle techniques to track and trace items such as unique patterns and images, hidden codes and guilloches. Use VariOne as a tool to add an extra layer of security.

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With Xeikon’s VariOne, you can fully automate personalized image creation within the printing process, avoiding long prepress and set-up time. This software contains a functionality that achieves random selections from zero to millions. Our variable data application offers endless uses and variations. What sets it apart is the immediacy of the process. VariOne allows you to instantaneously process, format and print creative designs featuring variable patterns with random elements and the widest gamut of color combinations. It takes only minutes to create unique designs in a variety of unique patterns. This innovative technology is a breakthrough and a complete game changer.

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