Job Optimizer

The Xeikon X-800 Job Optimizer allows you to create imposition schemes which incorporate multiple SKUs of the same size in the same lane. This constitutes a significant step-up in flexibility as you'll be able to optimize the use of the material and reduce the print time of each run. 

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Using the user-friendly interface, operators can simply enter a few key parameters, such as the number of lanes and the gap between the labels. They would then add the references and click Go. In an instant, the software will automatically calculate the optimal positioning of the labels along the web roll. The software also allows for Start/Stop separator labels to be inserted between the different SKUs on any particular lane. This greatly simplifies the slit/rewind operation in the final phase of production when all the jobs are separated.

You can give your customers the choice about what information to include on the separators e.g. the delivery address, the number of copies, job reference etc. You also have the option of inserting blank synchronization labels.

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