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Corrugated Packaging

Let’s start the future. Digital Print for Corrugated Packaging

IDERA offers water-based, digital corrugated (s)printing, addressing the evolving needs of the printing and packaging industry. With one-fourth of purchases happening online, the market demands innovative and customized printing solutions to enhance customer experience. Our technology ensures increased output while minimizing energy consumption. Can your current setup meet these challenges?

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IDERA by Xeikon, Flint Digital

A water-based single-pass inkjet printing solution making corrugated packaging easy, adaptable and sustainable.

Your value depends on how agile, creative and adaptable you are

With IDERA water-based, single-pass inkjet printing for corrugated packaging you'll gain operational flexibility, reduce your time to market, achieve efficient short-runs, increase your productivity and have a positive impact on sustainability.

Why water-based digital inkjet ink? 

Honestly, it is the future. 

Water-based inkjet has the biggest potential to become the cheapest, food-safest, most operator friendly and lowest carbon footprint digital printing technology.

It allows your packaging production to be:

  • Food compliant

  • Regulatory future proof

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Operator friendly

  • High quality

  • Cost-effective

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Why postprint single-pass digital print?

With post print single-pass printing, multiple printheads are positioned over the substrate while it passes through the printheads. Each colored ink is located in its own print tower and allows them to disperse ink simultaneously. This results in the final image on the sheet passing through just once. The result :

  • High productivity

  • High quality

  • Quick print and dry times 

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Not entirely convinced?

Experience the print quality of IDERA at first hand.

Easy and efficient

Digital single pass post print, compatible with coated and uncoated single and double fluted corrugated boards.

Adaptable & sustainable

Flexible and modular printing with a wide range of different print widths, print quality modes and peripheral equipment.

Most competitive investment and operational cost

A scalable business model with an attractive investment and consumable cost.

Why digital corrugated?

Unlike in other industries, digital is not here to replace your current printing technology. It will be a valuable addition to your organization and will open doors to faster production times and less costs for shorter runs. 

But when exactly does digital production become profitable? 

We are here to advise you on how and when digital printing can be an added value to your business.

Why Xeikon, Flint Digital?

Xeikon, a digital pioneer with a clear focus on customer-centric innovation, collaborates with Flint Group, a true print and ink powerhouse. Together they combine decades of knowledge and a unique skillset to go full-blown digital for corrugated packaging at the most competitive cost, aligning with the market demand for speed and flexibility.

  • Flint Group industry knowledge

  • Over 30 years of experience

  • State-of-the-art printing

  • Proprietary consumables

  • Expert advice and guidance


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Tailor-made solution

With IDERA, investing in new technology shouldn't come at the expense of your current setup. Our experienced team will gladly help you assess your business goals in order to find out where IDERA can fit in.
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