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Our approach

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You are thinking: "How would we start the IDERA story?"

Our client's wellbeing is our primary concern. After decades in the printing industry Xeikon learned to take its clients through the whole process. From procurement to training to production.

Step 1

Identifying the potential

It’s all in the numbers. How many sheets do you produce in an average run? How long does it take to set up a project? How much job time does a project require?

Together with your team we do an operational and financial deepdive to estimate the impact of your current setup. And we assure you, there will be some valuable insights coming from this exercise.

Step 2

Finding the right solution for you

It doesn’t matter what your current setup looks like. IDERA does not intend to replace your flexo or litho machines. No, it will be a teamplayer taking some heavy, costly loads off the shoulders of your present technology. 

Resulting in increased overall equipment efficiency, freed up backfill and a tangible job conversion from flexo to digital.

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Step 3

Installation and training

IDERA is a brand new technology with a decent learning curve. But that shouldn’t be an issue. For all Xeikon's machines, our team of experts will guide the staff mastering the whole workflow. From installation to training to maintenance. Ensuring safety, durability and efficiency.

In the first months, we’ll do regular evaluations to see if everything runs smoothly. Is there still room for improvement? We take your production to a whole new level with aXelerate.optimize!

Step 4

New developments, new business opportunities

We truly mean to create an added value for your business. 

We aim to reduce costs while being as sustainable as possible. Increased overall efficiency with single-pass, water-based, digital printing will mean new horizons for your corrugated business.

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