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It’s time for change

Whether it’s pallet wraps, gift boxes or food packaging… printing with conventional technology on corrugated substrates can be challenging, seeming pretty unprofitable.

Setting up print plates, multiple production steps... it's all a timely and costly process. Especially when looking at increasing regulations, personalized projects and the rising demand for short runs. 

Boost your efficiency

With the four color process, you can print just what is needed, when it is needed, on coated, semi-coated and uncoated sheets, without the hassle of printing plates. And… time is money. IDERA reaches high printing speeds up to 120m/min (393ft/min).

Become more adaptable

The market requires flexibility. And you’ll have it with IDERA’s modular print capabilities with a width between 1000 and 1600 mm. Furthermore, it is an absolute teamplayer. Collaborating with a wide range of hardware setups, productivity modes & peripheral equipment such as automatic pre-feeders and stacker.

Achieve true sustainability

You are looking for durable technology. Preferably with eco-friendly features. With a 2,5 year printhead lifetime your start-up waste will reduced while eliminating printing plates. Water-based inks allow you to meet food safe regulatory requirements, consuming less energy at the same time. (150-230 kWh).

Reduce costs and risks

When looking to the future, you're looking for peace of mind when it comes to your investment. With the lowest CAPEX, IDERA offers a low risk, desirable entry-level solution for your corrugated business. Aiming for a quicker ROI and favorable running costs with Flint Group proprietary consumables.

A multi-purpose solution?

We welcome to the stage... IDERA!

With our long understanding of the market, Xeikon helps shaping the world of digital corrugated, meeting the demand for digital printing with inks attuned to the application.

This new technology in corrugated printing is bound to be a worthy addition to your business.

Food service 

Creating attractive, informative and safe packaging for your food products is what will make your customers love your brand.

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Pallet wraps

Your pallet wraps undergo a lot of stress from transportation and harsh weather. IDERA digital printing provides durable printing for all environments.

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Gift packs

IDERA’s vibrant colors and high quality water-based ink are perfect for your customized promotional items.

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Product trays

Our water-based digital printing technology ensures that your product trays are printed with dynamic colors and exceptional clarity, attracting customers and drive sales.

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E-commerce packaging

IDERA allows you to print striking graphics and product info directly onto your e-commerce packaging, making it easier for your customers to identify your products.

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Subscription boxes

Even with shorter runs, IDERA is there to support your projects. Build customer loyalty and create excitement with customizable subscription boxes.

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You could use some extra convincing?

Experience first hand the quality of IDERA!

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Tailor-made solution

With IDERA, investing in new technology shouldn't come at the expense of your current setup. Our team will gladly help you assess your business goals and find out where IDERA can fit in.
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