Digital presses that make quality productive

How we totally go for your print quality

Is it our LED-array-based technology? Our dry-toner electrophotography? Open workflow software or application-specific toners?​
​Oh yeah. But more importantly, our people turn our innovative technology into powerful production equipment.
​Because a wonderful press won't do its wonderful job if it's not adapted to specific business needs.


More and different labels, shorter run lengths, more efficient workflows and superb quality for optimal brand impact. Combining power and flexibility like no other:


Folding carton

Shorter run lengths made economical, fast time to market and top notch quality packages without compromises. Flexibility combined with brand impact:


document &

Eco-friendly, high-performance digital duplex presses, fully integrated workflows, application-tuned toners and a range of accessories: standing strong in a world under pressure:


what we aim for: personal quality

"It all revolves around the service we offer and not just the label. Digitizing the whole production process - order intake, order processing, and printing - was a necessity for me. Besides the flexibility of the Xeikon press and its X-800 workflow, the open architecture allowed me to fulfill my vision."

- Jack Willemsz, Manager Director W&R Etiketten, The Netherlands

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