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See the proof - Label printing

See it, feel it,
sample it

Experience digital printing mastery at your (literal) fingertips. Whatever your label end-use application may be, let’s bring it to life now. Zero commitments and worldwide shipping.

What is included inside?

You will find a carefully curated set of labels. Also included is a booklet explaining technology, substrates and features… plus how they best link to end-use applications.

Good to know: At the bottom of each sample sheet you will find a key, mentioning substrate, press and the technology used. We have also added a detailed booklet for more information about all 3, plus the End Use Application they suit best.

Features to keep an eye out for 

  • Variable data content generated by VariOne 

  • Release liner Glassine white

  • 5th Colour printing

  • Digital embellishing by Xeikon FEU

  • Metallic effect by Xeikon Metallic Gold and Silver toner

  • Haptic Printing

  • Solid white gloss

  • ACTEGA Terra UV Varnish

  • Thermal Lamination by Xeikon LCoat500

Xeikon presses and consumables used 

  • Xeikon PX300 with PantherCure UV Ink

  • Xeikon PX3300 with PantherCure UV Ink

  • Xeikon CX3

  • Xeikon 3030 QB-IC

  • Xeikon Cheetah press with Cheetah Dry Toner

  • Xeikon Cx500t with Titon toner

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