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Optimize your label workflow. Reduce your TCO.

Today the label industry faces multiple challenges: rising production costs, substrate shortages, supply chain disruptions, and high eco-standards affect our business organization. 

The burning question: how to cut costs without losing quality and efficiency?

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Reduce costs, (re)gain your label strength

Digital innovations and smart workflows are the answer to your concerns. They optimize your production process and lower your Total Cost of Ownership. Small interventions lead to great results: for your company and your customers. 

Where to begin? We’ll share with you some essential tips for success. 

Go digital to reduce waste

Digital label presses do more with less. They deliver sustainable labels at any run length. Digital processes reduce waste throughout the entire value chain as they offer many kinds of efficiencies and savings. Digital label printers help you to redesign your traditional production processes.

Cut energy costs by smartening your workflows

Offset printing requires high energy supplies. This significantly increases your TCO. Implement smarter workflows through cloud computing and label software. It will result in greater flexibility and greater profit opportunities.

Dry toner or UV inkjet? Carefully consider your options

Dry toner or inkjet? That’s the question. Dry toner and UV inkjet are very complementary technologies with huge potential. There is no right or wrong. Your choice depends on what you want to achieve and what your sustainability goals are.

Download our checklist to improve your workflows

More hands-on tips covering your entire printing process? Download our cost-cutting checklist. It provides all the necessary tools to efficiently reduce your own label TCO.

Cost-effective label production: 5Sept Étiquette embraces digital

Offering the same quality at lower prices: that’s how 5Sept Étiquette, a French producer of self-adhesive labels, successfully enhanced its offset label fleet with digital print power.