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A diverse book offer for a changing market

Printed books continue to be very popular as a content delivery channel but technologies are evolving. Digital book printing offers you the chance to explore new applications while still being cost-effective. Diversify your products and take advantage of Xeikon’s expertise in low- to mid-volume digital color printing for books of exceptional quality.

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Digital book printing: a sales enabler

Not just a cost saver but a sales enabler, digital printing enables your customers to first sell, then print. Printing on demand greatly reduces risk and cuts costs associated with stocking and pulping. Have your customers trial a book without having to guess its success, then ramp up production when demand increases. Digital printing facilitates this so-called ‘book of one’ approach, a more competitive and cost-effective way to produce low volumes of specialty items.

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Premium full color books, quick & easy with Xeikon

Complement your conventional production with our agile full color printing solution for low to mid run specialty books. Reap the financial benefits of printing low volumes at high margins and canceling out other costs associated with warehousing and pulping. Quickly print high-quality books on a wide variety of substrates, without any hassle.

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Digital full color

Produce specialty books on demand using a cost-effective, digital full color printing solution

Quality & speed

Deliver offset quality with the speed & agility of digital book printing


Enjoy enormous versatility: take on varying substrates, grammages and formats, including printing on large formats without the need for coating or pretreatment

First sell, then print

Play to your customers’ needs through the ‘first sell, then print’ approach

Automated & integrated

Enjoy the perks of an end-to-end solution, fully automated & integrated with your workflow and conventional equipment


Benefit from the option of dedicated finishing equipment, seamlessly integrated with our digital printing devices to deliver a polished product

Timely production & speedy delivery

Get printing as soon as the orders flow in and serve up low volumes of premium books in no time at all. Our single pass duplex system vastly reduces the time to market. But our solution doesn’t just consist of speedy and agile printing presses. We also use high levels of automation to optimize your workflow and your printing process for just-in-time production.

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Premium quality in digital book printing

Wondering whether the quality of digital book printing is up to scratch? Not to worry! We specialize in digital full color printing. Our state-of-the-art dry toner technology allows you to print high-resolution photographic reproductions, even on large formats. Discover this lucrative application to expand your business and amaze your customers.

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Extensive substrate & format flexibility

Did you know that Xeikon presses have no fixed format size or sheet length? Our devices are capable of both roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet printing. With Xeikon you can deliver so much more than just B2 sheets. In addition to large format printing, we also cover a wide variety of substrates, including low to very high grammages. No pretreatment or coating necessary.

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Want to know more?

Ready to explore the lucrative applications in digital color book printing and expand your business? Contact our experts to learn more!

Xeikon specializes in high-quality color book printing

  • Coffee table books

  • Technical, educational & academic books & manuals

  • Dust jackets & book covers

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A sustainable business for a sustainable planet Thumb

A sustainable business for a sustainable planet

Whatever you print with a Xeikon can be recycled! Thanks to our dry toner technology, ink is not absorbed and therefore all printed materials are fully de-inkable. Additionally, our B2+ presses reduce paper waste as paper is aligned in an optimal way.

Our presses for digital book printing

" Quality is in our DNA for the books we publish and produce. To achieve this, we needed a press that was reliable. Our only option was a Xeikon press.
- Gerhard Märtterer , Director for One-to-One Marketing Services at Eversfrank, Germany

A complete solution, fully integrated & automated

We’ve got you covered from start to finish. Make the most of our dry toner technology without having to make costly changes to your production environment. Our presses seamlessly integrate with conventional printing equipment, your MIS and finishing equipment vendors. To further optimize your printing process, the Xeikon workflow is entirely automated with an order management system and barcodes.

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Helping you serve your customers

Take the guesswork out of the equation and tap into new business opportunities through the ‘first sell, then print’ approach. Tailor your offer to your customers’ needs: produce specialty items like limited editions of high-quality books, delve into self-publishing or bring back editions that are out of print. The possibilities are endless.

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How we continue to support you

Regardless of whether you are just starting to use our digital printing technology, have been using it for some time, or want to use it in an even more optimized way: count on Xeikon for the entire life cycle of your solution.

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