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Point of Sale

Retail signage that hits the mark

Retail signage will continue to provide you with ample opportunities as we’re moving towards an omnichannel experience where physical stores and ecommerce strengthen each other. Our Xeikon presses are quick and cost-effective. The ideal solution to complement your offer with customized retail signage!

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Digital printing for versioning & speedy delivery 

Point of sales (POS) products have a very short lifetime. The market for retail signage is therefore characterized by quick delivery and turnaround times. Digital printing provides you with a cost-effective way to meet tight deadlines through quick machines and a high level of automation for an optimal workflow. Wow your customers and create multiple versions with variable data printing technology.

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Nail deadlines & boost your margins with Xeikon

Print high-quality POS products in a few beats and at a fraction of the cost with our single pass duplex printing presses and automated workflow. Xeikon offers the fastest and most cost-effective way to print indoor retail signage products with a width up to 50 cm. It’s the perfect complement to your wide-format prints!

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Wide variety

Quickly deliver a wide variety of POS applications in the most cost-effective way, on standard, readily available substrates


Optimize your workflow with a high level of automation

Web-to-print technology

Xeikon’s workflow can effortlessly be integrated with web-to-print technology so you can enjoy maximum flexibility

Customize your products

Use variable data printing technologies to customize your products

High-quality prints

Create high-quality prints that don’t break the bank & still have the stopping power that your customers are looking for

Fifth color

Add in a fifth color for specific brand colors

Product versatility & a smooth printing process

Enjoy maximum flexibility for a versatile product offer and a seamless printing process. Meet all your clients’ versioning needs with variable data printing. Tight deadlines? No problem! Our solution can be fully integrated with web-to-print technology. Your customers need only send through their request at the click of a button. No matter how diverse the order, with Xeikon you’ll get everything printed and delivered in a minimum of time.

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" Can you do everything on a Xeikon? No, of course not. But everything up to 20 inch/50cm wide will be printed much quicker, in different versions.
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- Dimitri Van Gaever , Market Segment Director

Our digital printers for retail signage

Get inspired by the opportunities

Get the best of both worlds!

Get the extra-wide work done on your wide-format printers and then use a Xeikon for the quickest & most cost-effective way to print retail signage that’s easily customized.

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Offer retail signage & direct mail

Got expertise in direct mail? Why not branch out into retail signage & impress your customers? Produce compelling direct mail to draw a customer to the physical store and then help close the deal with show-stopping retail signage.

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Shine brightly with backlit applications

Xeikon has mastered the art of delivering high-quality backlit applications without the need for any additional equipment. Discover how you can expand your business & achieve bold results by delving into this exciting application.

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