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Investing in Technology to meet Grandville Printing Company's customer needs today and tomorrow

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by Donna Covannon

A NAPCO webinar with Bruce Beery of Grandville Printing Company (GPC).

NAPCO webinar

Grandville Printing Company (GPC) is a large commercial printer near Grand Rapids, MI.  Investing in the right technology is pivotal in meeting their customer retail signage requirements.  Requirements that include 36 hour turn around for file processing, printing and shipping to hundreds of locations. Hear from Bruce Beery, Production research and Development at  Grandville Printing Company discuss why Xeikon is a steadfast vendor partner of choice.  Grandville Printing currently operates eight Xeikon Presses: SX30000, CX3 and CX500.

Bruce Beery joined Grandville Printing in 2007.  He has extensive print manufacturing operations experience in a variety of industries.  This vast experience contributes to Grandville Printing success.