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Your shiny new Xeikon is almost ready for action! Get off to a flying start with our aXelerate program!

A bright start with Xeikon

We’ll inspect your working environment, assist you with the installation, for example by configuring custom hardware and software, and take care of operator maintenance support.

Are you new to Xeikon or have you added new operators to the team? Our training will show everyone the ropes so that they’ll be sure to master our digital workflow.

Already a few steps ahead? We’ll help you integrate all devices, configure custom applications and even assist you in selling digital print products to your customers.

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The very first months of running your Xeikon

You’re in your first months of running your Xeikon printing press. Now’s the time to evaluate, adjust and take it up a notch with

Need some assistance in overcoming production peaks or experiencing production issues? Not to worry! We’ll give a helping hand to sort out all the kinks.

Need to improve efficiency and performance through live dashboarding data or expert color services? Take our training or get in touch!

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Read more about colour management

Want to know more about color management in conventional and digital printing processes?


Ready to thrive? You’re successfully running your Xeikon but there’s still room for improvement. Take your production to a whole new level with aXelerate.optimize!

Leveling up

Get support for media scripting and on-site applications.

Take advanced courses in media scripting and color control.

Get expert advice on complex color management, cost structure, or on how to diversify your offer with new applications.

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Ready to take it to the next level?

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