Accurate and reliable color reproduction are of the utmost importance for you as a digital production power-house. Xeikon has been active in digital printing for more than 30 years and the sector has changed quite a bit throughout the years. Color management has evolved. It's become a vital part of a production strategy with a strong focus on quality, efficiency and cost control.

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Xeikon ColorControl is a cloud-based service that helps to automate the complete color management process. Offer repeatable and predictable colors and the best simulation of custom spot colors with this revolutionary tool that excels in usability, speed and quality. Moreover, your operators only need minimal training before they can start utilizing this service effectively.

The XeikonColorControl solution generates high quality ICC-profiles. Calculations and verifications are done on the web server and communicated in minutes. In addition to ICC-profiles, XeikonColorControl also generates spot color libraries for all Xeikon X-800 driven digital presses. Benefit from both user-defined and industry standard color libraries for the best results.

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White paper 'Color management'

This white paper outlines the color management challenges and solutions for conventional and digital printing processes, how to deal with this as a printer and which technologies to consider to simplify this complex matter.