ColorKey takes advantage of the inline spectrophotometer (available on all Xeikon dry toner presses) to monitor the engine's color output. Need to deliver quality reports to your customers? This is the ultimate tool to present measurements in the format of reports. It's also helpful for production managers as it provides them with a better view on the quality of their operations.

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ColorKey drives the spectrophotometer, enabling you to measure the Lab value of a specific color to monitor any deviations from a preset standard throughout the print run. ColorKey also offers you and your press operators access to clear reports, analyzing and mapping each production run.
ColorKey is a tool that maximizes the value of the integrated spectrophotometers by combining the data with the data that is available on the X-800 digital front-end. ColorKey creates quality reports that can give operators, managers as well as customers a detailed overview of the quality of a production batch.

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