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MJ Wholesale's Journey: Revolutionizing Custom Packaging with Beast Branding


by Donna Covannon

In a highly competitive market, the ability to move from standard to extraordinary non-durable packaging can be a game-changer. MJ Wholesale, a trusted name in the non-durable wholesale packaging industry, saw an opportunity to transform the way businesses package their products. This journey led to the birth of Beast Branding, a dedicated platform for customized packaging. Let's explore this remarkable journey and its industry-altering impact.

Starting at the Roots: MJ Wholesale

The journey began with MJ Wholesale, a company known for its keen understanding of market trends and customer needs. They noticed that businesses across various industries were no longer content with basic, stock packaging solutions.

Customization Takes Center Stage

Customers started to crave customization as a way to stand out on retail shelves. Initially, they added labels to their packaging, but soon sought something more unique - fully customized bags with eye-catching prints directly on the packaging.

Overseas Challenges

Yet, the pursuit of custom labels and printed packaging brought its own set of challenges. Many sought overseas solutions for cost-effectiveness, but this often resulted in prolonged lead times, the risk of packages being held up at customs, and high minimum order requirements. These obstacles not only strained their cash flow but also delayed orders for an average of 3 to 6 months.

The Birth of Beast Branding

Recognizing the need for a dedicated approach to meet the evolving demands of their customers, MJ Wholesale introduced Beast Branding. This platform aimed to provide a comprehensive solution for custom packaging requirements.

Dedicated Support and Low Minimums

Beast Branding set out to be different by offering dedicated customer service and accommodating low minimum order quantities. It was evident that they understood the unique needs of businesses across various industries and were determined to provide industry-experienced support.

The Game-Changer: Xeikon Print Press

In their quest to provide the best services to their customers, Beast Branding evaluated numerous print presses. After careful consideration, they selected the Xeikon print press as the ideal choice. Its exceptional print quality, scalability, and cost-effectiveness made it the ultimate game-changer.

Benefits of the Xeikon Press

The Xeikon digital printing press (CX500) brought a wave of positive changes. It significantly increased production, boosted printing speed, and reduced turnaround times for custom labels and printed packaging. Moreover, it lowered costs, resulting in more competitive pricing for end users.

A Faster, More Affordable Solution

In summary, the Xeikon printing press gave Beast Branding the ability to compete with offshore custom label and packaging providers in terms of pricing. But what truly set them apart was their ability to offer remarkably quick turnarounds, sometimes within days. This meant that customers no longer had to tie up their cash while waiting for months to receive their large orders.

In Conclusion

MJ Wholesale's journey, leading to the creation of Beast Branding and their partnership with the Xeikon printing press, has reshaped the packaging landscape across various industries. It's a testament to how innovation and dedicated service can empower businesses in a competitive market. With Beast Branding, businesses now have a reliable source for affordable, customized packaging that caters to their unique needs and helps them stand out in the market.