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IDERA - The Facts

Companies need to adapt and optimize their corrugated production methods to keep up with market demand. This means: a greater need for faster turnaround times, increased customization options, and the ability to produce shorter runs while reducing costs.

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Want an overview of all technical specifications?

Curious about what's under the hood of IDERA? Flexible sheet widths, competitive printing speeds, compatible with multiple substrates.

Take a leap forward

That’s why we developed IDERA, a modular solution platform for the flexo converter.

This water-based, single-pass digital printing technology for corrugated packaging is without a doubt the most suited addition to your facility and it will change your business.

Still need some convincing?

Feel at first hand the quality of IDERA.

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Providing an easy, adaptable, sustainable and cost leadership technology so you can: 

  • Start with corrugated printing at low risk and without losing high-end capacity

  • Optimize and customize short runs

  • Reduce waste and overall production costs

  • Apply an efficient Just-In-Time strategy 

  • Improve your overall equipment efficiency

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What applications can you print with IDERA?

With its water-based, single-pass digital printing technology, you can deploy IDERA for a wide range of corrugated projects. Going from shipping boxes to pallet wraps to shelf ready packaging.

How do we get you up to speed?

For every need, we provide a service

It speaks for itself that when starting with IDERA, we provide all the possible training and assistance so your team can start and evolve with full confidence. 

  • Basic operator and workflow training 

  • Site survey, installation and operator maintenance support

  • Application development & color management services

  • Cost calculation consultancy

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Tailor-made solution

With IDERA, investing in new technology shouldn't come at the expense of your current setup. Our team will gladly help you assess your business goals and find out where IDERA can fit in.
Talk to our expert Sebastien
" After doing my research, the Xeikon IDERA platform stood out largely due to the attention to detail and strong customer service coming from Xeikon.
- Allen Friendman , President ProCorr