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Amplified innovation with added security

For the print service provider (PSP) that seeks to diversify a product offering, develop a unique application and also reliably produce products with unparalleled security features.

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Your goals, fulfilled

Bring innovation to the table, while offering unbeatable security features to the end customer

The aim: Diversifying product portfolio while adding high value products. Easily assist any customer in bringing secured printed products to the market


Develop new niches that allow your customer to diversify their product portfolio with a wide range of applications. With shorter runs, venturing into new digital print waters is no longer a risk and involves a variety of substrates into the mix.

High quality & seamless data flow

For products that require extra levels of security in the digital print process, there are many parties involved and hence a smooth workflow is key… particularly one that seamlessly handles data from all sources.


Providing easy deinking (for the recycling process) and using toners that are safe, odor and VOC free, the SIRIUS is the most sustainable option in the digital printing market.

Colour gamut enhanced

Bespoke colours and special toners (also serving security goals!) allow the end-customer to position themselves as a high-end brand, without wasted stock while enjoying inline finishing processes.

Unique security features

With innovation opening new doors to traceability, the means to decipher counterfeit attempts is now a much easier process. Offer security features to your end customer with invisible toner and more.

" "Our Xeikon allowed us to develop a profitable business and leave the competition behind."
- Backlit , UK

The solution

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The SX30000 is a new, ground breaking press, built on Xeikon’s revolutionary SIRIUS technology. It’s designed to be the corner stone of your profitable printing business delivering a series of unique benefits.

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Xeikon’s toner for commercial print applications has been specifically developed by the company and is produced in Belgium. It contains no VOC, is odourless, eco-friendly and safe to dispose of as well as EN 15102 compliant.

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The X-800 guarantees superior and consistent print quality in combination with industry-leading productivity. XML-based automation and integration helps ensure that more jobs are processed faster with minimal human intervention. This improves accuracy, ensures repeatability and reduces errors, allowing you to achieve industry-leading productivity.

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Print Media Rewinder large

The "Print Media Rewinder " is a roll rewinder compatible with the latest generation Xeikon digital toner presses.

Print Medium Supply

A high capacity roll unwinder, compatible with the latest generation of Xeikon digital presses.

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Lamination & varnish

Choose varnishing or lamination for durability and a luxurious look and feel.

Pile High Stacker

Xeikon’s range of stackers is specifically designed to create neat piles inline; processing a great variety of printed products, from posters and leaflets to brochures and folding carton work.

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Boost your solution with...

Web Finishing module

For wax emulsion for protection + jogger table

5th color station

Add on a 5th custom made colour to the usual 4 to enhance brand identity or for security.

Web Cleaner

A non-contact cleaning system, ideal for high speed presses and with an ability to handle virtually any substrate.

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Management Information System

Your internal software for operations, MIS guarantees easy integration and a seamless link to Web2print systems.


WEKO is a unit that conditions the paper after it has passed through the fusing or drying process.

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Xeikon provides full installation, service and warranty of any 3rd party equipment, allowing your customer to benefit from one single point of contact.

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