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A trusted partner every step of the way

From finding the right solution to the installation of your engine and after-care: our experts advice you every step of the process. Let's grow your business together.


What is the ideal solution for you… and what is the role we play in it? This is where our team to gets to know yours. We do all we can to help guide you to the best solution for you. Allow us to walk you through options, or avail benchmarks where we send you samples printed on the substrate of your choice.


Service that sets us apart from mainstream competitors, we equip you to make the most of your Xeikon machine. With coaching through every step, we stay true to our goal of educating you; how exactly to harness the true potential of your printer. Gain confidence in expertise, with our team’s guidance from A to Z.


Continuous guidance to help you optimize your business. Our aXelerate programme monitors your progress and if need be, assigns you a Customer Success Manager. An aXelerate Charter is drafted uniquely according to your needs, where we provide advice and an approach built for your specific challenges.

Step 1

Mapping your needs and identifying your goal

Our pre-sales experts help you streamline your needs (products, volumes, time to market, sales models etc) To gain further insights, we workshop your current ways of working; learning where you succeed, and what areas require change. Via calls, meetings and personal demonstration, we engage with your team at your convenience to optimize communication at this crucial early stage.

Step 2

Finding the right solution for you.

Based on all our learnings, we employ our best resources to draft the best solution for your specific situation. Every client demands a specific setup and solution. Part of the pre-sales process is to assure you that no aspect of your requirements is overlooked, and that our findings reflect even the finer operative details.

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Need advice from our experts?

Step 3

Planning for success

Once you have purchased a machine, we waste no time in getting the entire team aligned.

We schedule a Round Table Meeting, including stakeholders from all relevant departments, and start agreeing on timelines for installation, training and deployment. This is essential to guarantee that your new Xeikon asset is smoothly onboarded within the team

Step 4

Installation and training

Our experts help you set up your new machine and ensure all appropriate resources are available to you and your team. Training modules are provided to help familiarize staff with everyday running of the machine.

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Step 5

Ongoing support: Guidance and Development 

Up and running? Unlike other partners, Xeikon’s support doesn’t stop here. Our experts are omnipresent, ready to take you to the next level with Axelerate or CSM approach. Stay assured that staff from both our Regional and HQ offices are available to listen, guide and instruct you through any issues you may face.

Step 6

A lifelong partnership

With a constant and mutual information exchange, we make sure to keep you in the loop with the latest in the wall decoration market, trends, developments in tech or substrates… and more. As we grow, we aspire to learn from you and continue to progress with you through every new chapter.

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Xeikon's unique solution for wallpaper printing Thumb


Xeikon's unique solution for wallpaper printing

Wallpaper production is one of the areas of the global print market that has been left relatively untouched by the digital revolution. But...

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