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Xeikon's unique solution for wallpaper printing


by Dimitri Van Gaever

Wallpaper production is one of the areas of the global print market that has been left relatively untouched by the digital revolution. But...

...wall decoration is influenced by exactly the same global megatrends as any other print production segment. These include the need for on-demand production, individualisation, short run, just-in-time production, cost reduction and an increased environmental awareness.

Choosing the right technology

Due to usage of analogue printing processes and a long time-to-market, analogue or conventional production is characterised by the requirement to order large run lengths. Individualised wallpapers, short runs and one-offs are therefore difficult to realise in a profitable and risk-free way.

Some market participants are using inkjet-based large format printers, latex or water-based or even UV to realise short runs. But neither the productivity, quality or degree of automation is enough to enable producers to professionalise their digital wall decoration production to the desired degree while taking into account environmental aspects.

Xeikon’s answer to digital wall decoration production

The production of wallpapers with Xeikon’s technology eliminates most of the hurdles surrounding individualised production. Offering amazing ease of use and encompassing workflow software, press and finishing equipment, the Xeikon Wall Decoration Suite enables a sustainable, high-quality production of short and medium-sized orders. In addition, dry toner is safe, reliable and easy to handle, and its repeatability (register and colour) is unsurpassed.

The Xeikon Wall Decoration Suite is an end-to-end solution comprising a jumbo unwinder with web cleaning unit, a Xeikon digital press, an aqueous web varnishing module, slitting and waste extraction assembly, as well as a wallpaper rewinder. Because of the modular setup and the full in-line concept, the Xeikon press can be selected to reach different levels of productivity. This results in production speeds ranging from 300m²/h up to 900m²/h, from raw material to finished product. All presses share Xeikon’s proven dry toner single pass electrophotography print process, yielding high-definition images and smooth tone transitions on a wide range of substrates with a matte finish. The workflow solution offers closed loop quality control (density, register), extensive prepress functionalities and advanced colour management, as well as seamless integration and connectivity with third party workflows MIS and W2P.

The target audience consists of conventional producers looking for a high volume digital press and large format print shops, and PSPs and online printers that already employ digital production and are looking for that next step in automation and cost saving.

Environmental concerns

We live in a society where the environmental impact of everything is under scrutiny. Xeikon’s dry toner contains no VOCs or harmful substances, is odourless, eco-friendly, food approved, and safe to dispose of as well as EN 15102 compliant. It is safe for customers and print operators, features a high light fastness and can be obtained in CMYK+white and off-the-shelf spot colours.

Benefits and savings

Compared with conventional technologies (gravure, screen, offset) as well as inkjet (latex, UV etc.), significant savings can be achieved on short and medium print runs. Depending on the job, a reduction of up to 40% or even 60% of costs can be achieved. Ultra-short turnaround times of jobs enabling challenging delivery times and SLAs further add to the benefits of digital wallpaper printing with a Xeikon press.