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Xeikon and MH+P partner for high-quality photo canvas prints


by Dimitri Van Gaever

Unlock the transformative magic of photo canvas printing, where ordinary digital images evolve into captivating works of art, ready to adorn and elevate any space. Whether it's a family portrait, a breathtaking landscape or a favorite piece of artwork, the process of photo canvas printing transcends the ordinary, turning every image into a masterpiece. Perfect for homes, offices, restaurants, shops, and stores, use canvases to draw attention and infuse a touch of elegance.

Quick facts on photo canvas printing with Xeikon:

  • Ultra fast compared to the traditional process

  • Photographic image quality 1200x3600dpi

  • Sustainable printing technology using ECO toner

  • Print using PVC-free material (non-woven)

  • Excellent light fastness

  • Superb overall product appearance

See the samples at FESPA Amsterdam (March 19-22)

Xeikon’s digital printing solutions are perfect for printing on all sorts of canvas substrates. Using Xeikon’s new ECO toner can reduce the carbon footprint of the printing operation by 10%, without increasing your costs, unlike other eco solutions. Xeikon’s ECO toner is food safe, odorless, PFAS free, fluorine free, BPA free and vegan.

Next to the premium frameless appearance and glare-free display thanks to the absence of glass, a photo canvas is a durable decoration piece and easy to handle and install.

Furthermore, a photo canvas offers loads of versatility in terms of size and customization. Whether it's a single large canvas serving as a focal point or a series of smaller prints arranged in a gallery wall, individuals can tailor their artwork to suit their preferences and complement their existing decor.

Xeikon partners with Berlin-based MH+P TECHNOLOGY GmbH, a global leader in the design and development of canvas stretching and frame assembly equipment, and Xeikon’s long-term partner Ahlstrom. The result is a premium-quality frame with the highest quality print on a light and durable non-woven substrate.

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