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How safe is safe? Wiser wall decoration choices

Did you know that a groundbreaking 82% of consumers are interested in products that contain a smaller carbon footprint? So how do we embody our commitment to sustainability when it comes to the wall decoration market? Read on to find out.

Wall decoration as it stands

When it comes to sustainability, the wall decoration printing industry has not always had the best reputation. Conventionally printed wallpapers, for instance, are created using copious amounts of energy and contain elements that are detrimental to human, animal and environmental health. Another crucial aspect? Most discarded wall decoration is harder to recycle, ending up in landfills and incinerators. 

As well as being one of Xeikon’s main business goals, sustainable choices are increasingly becoming a dominant part of most of your customers’ lifestyles. A groundbreaking 82% of consumers are now interested in products that contain a smaller carbon footprint, and it is time to take matters into greener hands.

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Good to know:

The average global carbon footprint of a Xeikon employee is 11 ton of CO2. This is a mere quarter of the chemical industry average in Europe (40 ton/employee per year)

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Why switch from conventional PVC wallpapers?

PVC wallpaper is the cheaper, go-to option for most. However, these may contain chemicals considered a health hazard. Current EU legislation, in fact, limits the use of many of these substances in children’s toys, medical devices, car interiors and food contact material. Then, liquids from PVC evaporate only partially during production of the wallcovering… meaning some stay within the wallpaper.

Since the liquid components are not chemically bound to the polymer they have a high tendency to migrate… that too, in a home environment. Migration can create unpleasant odors and a potentially harmful living environment. In addition, the PVC polymer itself has raised many objections due to the potential harm it poses for the natural environment, such as:

  • A practically endless life cycle

  • Poor recyclability

  • Energy recovery

  • Potential formation of dioxins and migration

  • Vast resources needed in the entire production process

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Wiser wall decoration with digital

How do we embody our commitment to sustainability when it comes to the wall decoration market? Well, one aspect is toner based printing.

What makes our toner special?

  • The safest and cleanest print tech on the planet

  • Eco-friendly and safe to dispose of

  • No odor or VOC

  • Our toner complies perfectly with the EN 15102 norm.

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The bigger picture

Additionally, all ingredients are chosen and screened so that only the safest results are obtained before, during and after printing. This is safe for marine life, remains allergen + heavy metal free and contains no SVHC, formaldehyde, endocrine disruptors or mineral oils.

The bigger picture; we are proud to share that Xeikon wall decoration production lines offer superior sustainability performance every step of the way. Our environmental impact is consistently monitored, and our aim is to set only the highest standards in helping your customer reduce their carbon footprint. Here is how:

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Industry compliant

Xeikon toners are compliant with a host of industry regulations, significantly the EN standards which provides thorough safety evaluations of rolled wall coverings.

No water used

Xeikon print tech is a dry process, with the only water used being the closed circuit within the machine to cool printheads.


Xeikon printed products are deinkable, meaning toner can safely be separated from the substrate before the recycling process.

Odor free

Xeikon printed wall decorations are odorless and completely safe to be placed around young children and animals.

No harmful substances

Xeikon dry toner contains no harmful substances or VOCs.

Power consumption levels

Xeikon presses have moderate power consumption and the ability for short-run prints ensures this can be further regulated.

Green energy centric

The Xeikon toner and press assembly plant runs on 100% green energy

Carefully chosen raw materials

Xeikon uses only carefully selected raw materials and holds firm beliefs in ethical practices.

Sustainability in the core of things

Xeikon is proud to be aligned with the Flint Group 2030 Strategy. This is based on the chart drawn up by the UN sustainable development goals. With sustainability as part of Xeikon’s core culture, 2009 saw us reducing our carbon footprint by 50%... simply by switching to green energy.

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