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Self-adhesive labeling with digital printing is a game changer! Diversify your offer and tap into a wide range of end-use applications with Xeikon, the no. 1 specialist with the most extensive portfolio. We’re the only ones to offer both dry toner and UV inkjet technology to suit your specific needs. Enjoy an unprecedented level of flexibility to produce customized food labels that are informative, secure and eye-popping.

Enjoy tremendous flexibility

Our label presses allow customization up to the very last moment. You can modify the label, print and apply it right up to the point in the supply chain where you are packaging your products. At the same time, you can combine self-adhesive labels with many adhesives and substrates, on numerous surfaces.

On any surface

Metal, plastic, curved, straight, cardboard, wood ... using a variety of adhesives and substrates, via a transfer process if needed

Unique: both technologies

Both dry toner for offset quality and UV inkjet for chemical resistance

Dedication for you

Dedicated sales and service team combined with self-developed technology for self-adhesive labels

Whatever your application

Our dry toner presses allow you to print self-adhesive labels for a variety of applications:

  • Primary decoration: on the packaging of products in the store, including a list of ingredients and instructions for use.

  • Variable information printing: on the spot printing for instant communication on thermal labels. For example, for scales and logistics.

  • Security applications: tax stamps, postage stamps ...

  • Promotional labels: 'two for the price of one' ...

And they work in every market: food, pharmaceuticals, beverages (including wine and spirits), industrial and household chemicals and very demanding environments.

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Heat transfer

Did you know that Xeikon’s digital printing solution is ideal for industrial heat transfer labels (iHTL)? Benefit from our extensive expertise in iHTL and superior printing capabilities to produce customized, premium labels of any size for the food industry, industrial and household chemicals. Nail food safety and achieve high durability with our dry toner technology.

Most cost-effective solution

Industrial heat transfer labels are ideal for larger surfaces, like plastic buckets. And when you opt for digital printing, you avoid the high start-up cost of a large flexo plate. So digital is also the most cost-effective solution on the market for small print runs.

Most cost-effective

Most cost-effective solution on the market, without high start-up costs

Ideal solution

For consistently performant heat transfer labels of any size

In-depth expertise

We offer all you need for optimal quality industrial heat transfer

Ideal solution for the ideal quality

At Xeikon, you will find the ideal dry toner presses for industrial heat transfer, regardless of the dimensions of your labels. Your labels also stick consistently well, thanks to the very stable chemical process of our presses. And thanks to our toners, the labels are fully resistant to strong sunlight and other demanding weather conditions.

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Wet Glue

In a dynamic market, why not offer the best of both worlds? A Xeikon digital printing press can produce both wet glue and self-adhesive labels for the food, beverages and wine & spirits market. Go for the highest standards in food safety and an offset look and feel, even on challenging materials, with our 1200 dpi dry toner system. Our unique wide-web label press allows you to print B2 sheets which can conveniently be finished off in cut-and-stack labels using your existing equipment.

More economical, offset quality

Are your print runs with wet glue becoming shorter? Then it may be interesting to print your wet glue labels digitally. That way, you keep the printing costs under better control. At the same time, you get very close to attaining offset quality, with the same look and feel.

Self-adhesive and wet glue

Are your customers, for example beer brewers, increasingly moving towards self-adhesive label printing? With our presses, you can use both printing technologies. In this way, you always help your customers exactly according to their needs during the entire changeover.

Immediately cut and stack labels

With our Xeikon wide-web printing presses, your wet glue labels are first printed on B2 sheets, and then immediately trimmed into cut-and-stack labels.

More economical, offset quality

Less expensive for short runs, near-offset quality

Both technologies

Self-adhesive and wet glue with a single press

Cut & stack

Printed on B2 sheets, trimmed to cut-and-stack labels inline

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In-mold & blow-mold

Want to ramp up your productivity and tap into a wide range of applications with digital in-mold or blow-mold labeling? If you are looking to achieve that high-quality ‘no label’ look or produce labels that vary in look and feel, a digital solution enables you to print customized, premium labels of various sizes for food and chemicals, quickly and efficiently.

For labels of any size

Our dry toner presses for in-mold or blow-mold labels allow full rotary printing with a variable repeat length. You can therefore print labels of any size. In other words, with our machines, you can also produce B2-format sheets or very long labels.

Perfectly safe for food

With our 1200 dpi dry toner presses, you can achieve near-offset printing quality, while your labels also perfectly meet food safety standards.

Labels of any size

Even very long labels for buckets of B2-size sheets

Very secure

The label is an integral part of the plastic, so it cannot be removed

Perfectly safe for food

Optimum compliance with standards, with virtually offset printing quality

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Produce a wide variety of high-quality wrap-around labels for the food and beverage industry. With Xeikon roll-on technology, you can print synthetic labels of any length without compromising on productivity. Adorn bottles of any volume with a striking label that ticks all the boxes.

Ideal solution for any label

With our dry toner press Xeikon 3500, you print wrap-around labels amazingly fast and extremely flexibly, thanks to the digital front-end and the variable repeat length, which allows you to print labels of any size.

Consistent top quality

Moreover, you always print at 1200 dpi with wide color gamut and spot colors, and extremely consistently thanks to the stable chemical process of dry toner technology.

On all conventional materials

The opaque white toner allows you to print on a wide variety of materials used in your market.

Labels of any size

Thanks to our dry toner press with variable repeat length

Consistent top quality

Always in 1200 dpi, extremely consistent thanks to the stable chemical process

All conventional materials

Print on the most varied materials in your sector

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