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Flexo and digital are a perfect match

Digital printing can complement (conventional) flexo printing in very many ways. But when you go digital, you’re not just boosting capacity, you’re considerably boosting the business opportunities that you can offer clients. Not only can digital printing match their current needs, it can open whole new revenue avenues to explore.

The right decision?

Before making a purchasing decision, let’s see if digital capabilities are of value to your business and if so in which way. Xeikon walks printing companies through the various new business initiatives for themselves that offer cost-effective and innovative solutions to their clients.

At the end of the day, the right press can make your business stronger and more resilient for the challenges of the future. For this, choosing the right partner is a crucial factor, creating a string of benefits for everyone involved throughout the chain.

But before getting there, let’s look at how we help you get to the right decision. This is in effect a four-step process.

Step 1

Identifying the potential

Buying digital presses because everyone is doing the same thing is not a recipe for success. From advising and supporting label printers on their digital journey over many years, Xeikon has almost unrivaled experience in identifying what makes good business sense in any digital purchase - and what this means for you.

Questions that we look at together include: what end-use applications do you address today or aim for in the future? What sort of substrates do you typically use? What sort of competence do you already have? Who will be your competitors in this new product offering? Do you intend to work with the same clients or attack a new segment? Also, what sort of volumes are you aiming for?

Xeikon has clear guidelines to help you deep-dive into establishing a solid business case for building an efficient, sustainable digital offering that boosts your business.

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Step 2

Finding the right solution for you

Now let’s match your business initiative  with the right solution. The questions and decisions made at this stage will have profound effects on future business and future development.

Understanding the technical and financial implications gives a clear vision of the overall project, and helps you move to the next stage with complete confidence.

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Which solution best fits your needs? Find out now with our Solution Wizard.

Step 3

Installation and training

Once installed, you can get down to business faster with aXelerate, our optimization program in three parts, Start-Run-Optimize. As the name implies, it gives your team everything they need to feel comfortable and get productive in no time at all.

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Step 4

Staying on top: Using new developments to generate new business

Up and running? Unlike others, Xeikon’s support doesn’t stop here. Our experts are always ready to help keep you running at full speed through Axelerate. 

You’ll find that staff from both our Regional and HQ offices are available to listen, guide and instruct you through any issues you may face. 

Why? Because new trends and capabilities are always coming online. This market never sleeps, and we help you stay on top of it.

The ultimate goal is to establish a partnership that evolves as your business – and the broader market environment – changes and develops over time.

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" "With Axelerate, we have increased our volume by 15% due to uptime efficiency. We have managed to reduce our toner costs by an estimated 10 to 20%."
- Ivan Marchi , General Manager, Leaderform, Verona, IT

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