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Perfection in your end-use application

Customers obviously just want to buy labels that serve their purpose. At times, they might take this for granted. So it’s up to us to provide the solutions that work across end-use applications whose requirements differ tremendously, be they technical (durability, food safety), creative or in appearance (substrate choices, look and feel, etc.).

Counterfeiting: how to tackle the problem

Let us take a look at some of the most effective security techniques in label printing, and understand how digital printing makes these possible.


Tonic waters and craft beers are prime examples of beverages that have taken over the market today. Their success is driven by innovative marketing, consumer insights – and the ability to quickly turn around short-run labels with a high level of innovation.

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Industrial and household chemicals

In some cases, labels have to provide clear, legible information, while holding aggressive or corrosive substances 

So to be thoroughly effective, they must be chemical resistant and, in some cases, capable of withstanding months in water.

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Some labels have to endure chemical substances, temperature extremes, harsh mechanical environments and prolonged sunlight... while remaining in place and staying legible. Typically (for example in applications such as pipe marking or car batteries) the labels are printed on-demand and can contain variable information.

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Food labels cover a vast range of consumer products. Hence, solutions need to be extremely flexible and – due to the sheer quantity that are needed – price effective. Strict food safety specifications must also be respected. The number one growing trend? The greater customization of labels that results in varying order quantities

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Health and Beauty

Consumers are more likely to interact with an attractive product. If they touch it, there’s a stronger chance that they will purchase it. Having the right feel is thus crucial. 

Yet, health & beauty products are often found in damp environments, such as bathrooms or changing rooms – or even under the shower. 

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There can be no room for discrepancies in pharmaceutical labeling. All data must be accurate and legible, using the finest print quality that lasts. Also essential is the ability to fit into a workflow that does away with the possibility of human error.

To avoid fraud, labels must offer consistent branding and effective security features

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Wine & spirits

The wine and spirits market has never felt a more dire need to stand out. Producers are rivaling each other for more distinctive labels that help them position their product.

The no-label look, substrates/print textures, metallic effects; labels are proving to be powerful tools, notably for attracting attention and driving sales.

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