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Best price for any run length

You don’t tell your customer how you print your labels. You just make sure that whatever run length they order, you deliver labels at the best price. This is where Xeikon comes in.

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Consistently great quality throughout

Our digital printing presses consistently deliver the same print quality as conventional presses, ensuring consistent shelf appeal independent of the print technology. Through the Xeikon workflow, you can adapt the print quality of your digital press to produce a flexo look-a-like. Enjoy realtime, inline color gamut, density and registration monitoring through the cloud.

Perfectly integrated with existing systems

To eliminate any human variables, the digital presses are controlled with Xeikon X-800, a digital front-end developed specifically so you can get the most out of digital printing technology. At the same time, X-800 is a very open workflow system that can easily be integrated with ERP or MIS systems, allowing you to standardize the job setup, eliminate operator variations and strive for higher efficiency.

UV inkjet and dry toner technology

Tell us which substrates and which end-use application you want to serve (food-safe?) and we will advise you. When you opt for Xeikon, there is no need to choose between UV inkjet (Panther series) or dry toner technology (Cheetah series). We offer both! Always use the best printing technology for whatever end-use application or substrate you want to print.

" “You can’t see the difference with labels produced by our other printing processes. So we use this digital press for the production of short runs.”
- Patrick Wack , CEO 5Sépt Étiquette

Dry toner or UV inkjet?

With dry toner, avail food-safe printing on a range of substrates without sacrificing consistent quality. Retain your color strength and enjoy offset-level crisp detailing,

What if durability is your chief concern? UV inkjet ensures the highest level of steadfastness, even without varnish or lamination.

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5SeptEtiquette: “The Xeikon 3300 allowed us to optimize and simplify the print production workflow” Thumb


5SeptEtiquette: “The Xeikon 3300 allowed us to optimize and simplify the print production workflow”

Confronted with peaking demands for short runs and multiple print runs, French label printer 5SeptEtiquette turned to Xeikon for solutions. As it turned out, the Xeikon 3300 ...

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Customers obviously just want to buy labels that serve their purpose. At times, they might take this for granted. It’s up to us to provide the solutions that work across end-use applications, throughout varying requirements.

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