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Entering the world of label printing

It has never been easier to include digital label printing in your existing activities, even as a novice. Whether it be to expand a printing house’s commercial offering or to satisfy a brand owner’s need for labels, Xeikon provides a reliable and extensive self-adhesive label solution.

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Low-risk investment guaranteed

The self-adhesive label market is at its most accessible. The capital expenditure at the outset is low, with the further possibility of expanding the system later if it makes sense. This is an investment not just in more capacity, but also in additional digital capabilities leading to higher-value products.

Enjoy support from an experienced player

Few companies have the experience of Xeikon when it comes to developing, producing and exploiting the potential of printing digital labels. Call on our specialists to build a solid business case in terms of investment.

Cover most end-use SAL applications

Self adhesive labels come in many shapes and sizes, and address many end-use applications with related substrates. Xeikon solutions are designed for labels. So you can cover most of the market you want to cover with no compromises.

" “This is a very robust press for variable data that provides us with new opportunities and entry points into a hyper-competitive marketplace.”
- Andrew White , President of White Graphics, Illinois

Dry toner or UV Inkjet?

With dry toner, avail food-safe printing on a range of substrates without sacrificing consistent quality. Retain your color strength and enjoy offset-level crisp detailing,

What if durability is your chief concern? UV inkjet ensures the highest level of steadfastness, even without varnish or lamination.

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White Graphics Purchases Second Xeikon Press Thumb


White Graphics Purchases Second Xeikon Press

Xeikon CX300 to add speed and productivity for short to medium runs

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What can I print with this solution?

Customers obviously just want to buy labels that serve their purpose. At times, they might take this for granted. It’s up to us to provide the solutions that work across end-use applications, throughout varying requirements.

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