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Elevate with ease and innovation

Your customers are on the lookout for new ideas, and you answer their call. Creativity is what you are proud to bring to the tablet. Consider innovative combinations such as variable content, lottery possibilities and more. You inspire clients as a valued supplier, becoming their main business partner.

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Bring new ideas to the table

To keep brand identities fresh and appealing, printers are offering various types of customization to engage with their end-consumer. Think of soda bottles with people’s names, or beer bottles with pictures of the consumer. This is now possible at cost-effective prices. Great ideas create customer loyalty with brands and deeper connections with consumers.

Print beyond full color

How do you make products standout even more? By embellishing them. Do this inline within the digital press: metallic toners, haptic white or standalone digital foiling varnishing in 2D,3D or even haptic. Or offer the most creative die cut shapes with laser die cutting. Go off the beaten track and consider hybrid (custom) solutions which excel in providing uniqueness.

Expand current digital offer

Already operating an UV inkjet solution? Then try a Dry Toner that offers wider web width, metallic color, most food-safe solutions, and that easily prints natural paper. If you already operate a liquid or dry toner press, then consider Xeikon Panther Series. Slash costs by eliminating the need for varnish, printing at higher speeds, offering haptic white printing and higher durability with lamination.

Dry toner or UV Inkjet?

With dry toner, avail food-safe printing on a range of substrates without sacrificing consistent quality. Retain your color strength and enjoy offset-level crisp detailing,

What if durability is your chief concern? UV inkjet ensures the highest level of steadfastness, even without varnish or lamination.

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Aniflex chooses Xeikon digital technology Thumb


Aniflex chooses Xeikon digital technology

The Polish printing specialist has invested in a Panther PX3300 UV inkjet press to expand its digital label offering and speed up production.

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What can I print with this solution?

Customers obviously just want to buy labels that serve their purpose. At times, they might take this for granted. It’s up to us to provide the solutions that work across end-use applications, throughout varying requirements.

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