PantherCure UV Inks

PantherCure UV curing technology takes the Xeikon Panther UV inkjet series of digital presses to new levels of performance.

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Panther DuraCure curing technology is the most durable, sustainable and effective curing solution on the market today. This unique technology offers the best of both worlds through the combination of LED and mercury curing. LED curing has the ability to penetrate deep into the ink layers while HG or mercury provides a light but effective surface-cure for UV ink. Key benefits are consistent curing performance, long-term durability and minimal energy consumption.

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Ink specifications

Key benefits

Haptic printing, Single pass opaque white


Attractive tactile properties and uniform high gloss


High scuff and scratch / Chemical / Heat resistant


No SVHCs, fully compliant with RoHS, EuPIA and California Proposition 65

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