Web Varnishing Module

The Xeikon Web Varnishing Module is a compact unit that can apply UV or aqueous flood varnish on a wide range of substrates including self-adhesive label materials, coated papers, unsupported films and coated paper board.

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The web varnishing module always runs in-line with the latest Cheetah series. Its width can be adapted to the web width by easily changing the print roller. Options available include spot varnish and corona treatment. The Xeikon Web Varnishing Module offers a cost effective and compact way of applying a coating in-line with the press onto Xeikon print.

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Supported web width

200 – 520mm

Substrate thickness



Matches press speed

Flexo station

Flood varnish, 3 roller fl exo concept

Dimensions (LxWxH)


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