Web Finishing Module

Ease post-press production of documents printed on a Xeikon digital press.

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To facilitate post-press production of documents printed on a Xeikon digital printing press we have developed the WFM. It provides you with supplementary protective treatment, ensuring that Xeikon printed documents can be finished swiftly and under all circumstances. The WFM applies a water – wax – silicone oil emulsion on both sides of the digital print. This emulsion creates an invisible protective layer that increases scratch and scuff resistance and eliminates static charges. The device is positioned in the web. The WFM can handle the full substrates specification range of Xeikon digital presses. WFM protection must not be confused with coating or lamination. WFM brings an invisible protection at very low cost whereas coatings or laminates also provide image enhancement at a much higher cost.

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Supported web width

250-520mm (9.8""-20.3"")

Substrate support

Paper, paperboard… (substrate needs to be capable of absorption)

Print protector liquid

To be diluted with water based on protection requirements

Operator control

Through the Xeikon X800 interface

Dimensions (LxWxH)

1800mm (70.9”) x 1600mm (63”) x 2150mm (84.6”) (min. WFM & required tunnel)

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