Print Media Supply Large

A high capacity roll unwinder, compatible with the latest generation of Xeikon digital presses.

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The PMS-Li G2 (Print Media Supply Large Integrated – 2nd generation) is a jumbo unwinder supporting the Cheetah 2.0 and SIRIUS roll-fed Xeikon digital presses. The PMS-Li unwinder supplies the Xeikon press with any compatible substrate in a jumbo roll format. The new roll-carrier that's included allows for easy transportation of the jumbo roll with a pallet truck. The integrated lifting system of the PMS-Li G2 loads the jumbo roll without any manual lifting by operator. The PMS-Li G2 is fully controlled by the Xeikon X-800 front-end (v7.0 or later). Multiple air-spindle diameters are available to support the different core sizes. The PMS-Li G2 comes with a splice-table and tape dispenser for easy substrate changes.

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Supported web width

200-520mm (7.87""-20.3"")

Substrate support

Paper, paperboard, self-adhesive labels, film, non-wovens…

Roll details

Diameter up to 150cm/59"" up to 850kg / 1870lbs max.

Xeikon compatible pneumatic shafts

70mm (2,76”); 76mm (3”); 150mm (5,9”); 200mm (7,87”); 300mm (11,8” inch)

Dimensions (LxWxH)

1800mm (70.9”) x 1200mm (47.25”) x 1350mm (53.15”) (min. stand-alone unit only)

Options available

Contact or non-contact web cleaning module

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