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Step up for short run success

You started in labels with an entry-level machine, but now it’s time to offer your customer more. To fully grasp the business and its creative potential, owners looking for better margins opt for a system that provides extended capabilities.

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More capacity per hour

Stepping up to a more professional printing machine ups the productivity for a number of reasons. Notably, the more solid (industrial) machine build enables it to work for longer periods, supported with automated quality controls and with greater stability without overheating.

Broader application range

Presses that offer more than CMYK (>4 print stations) enable printing companies to access whole new applications – and therefore tap into broader business potential. They are also designed for a better ROI. Applications such as printing on clear substrates give access to the many opportunities of the health & beauty market.

High efficiency, less waste

When combined with the suite of tools in the X800 workflow, the robust printing machines deliver enhanced efficiencies in terms of operation but also in material costs. Optimizing surface usage, for example, reduces waste. And don’t forget, the more industrial presses allow you to use standard substrate which can bring additional savings.

" "Our Xeikon has nearly double the DPI, which translates to crisper images and cleaner small type for you!”
- Chris Helwig , USA Label Express

Dry toner or UV Inkjet?

With dry toner, avail food-safe printing on a range of substrates without sacrificing consistent quality. Retain your color strength and enjoy offset-level crisp detailing,

What if durability is your chief concern? UV inkjet ensures the highest level of steadfastness, even without varnish or lamination.

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Xeikon Digital Technology Driving Business Development at Flexolabels Thumb


Xeikon Digital Technology Driving Business Development at Flexolabels

Flexolabels Sp.z.o.o., a leading label printer based in Wroclaw in Poland, has taken delivery of a Xeikon 3300 digital label press to further drive business and address ...

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Customers obviously just want to buy labels that serve their purpose. At times, they might take this for granted. It’s up to us to provide the solutions that work across end-use applications, throughout varying requirements.

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