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Score big with custom labels and variable data

Labels with variable content come in many forms: variable images, numbers, codes and also a blend of all these. Their purpose can be to serve high-level security applications or to enable quicker flows in logistics supply chains. Our unique solution provides optimal results to target precisely this goal.

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Any kind of variable data on one solution

The Xeikon X-800 workflow supports automated number/code generation and can be expanded with a variable image or barcode generator. All driven by pre-organized data or automatic generation in the workflow. Ideal for lottery or gaming applications.

Minimal effort and setup time

Cut output time significantly using a workflow that creates variable data numbers randomly, through a database such as Excel. The job preparation happens in no time, printing and ripping can happen simultaneously and the printing press never slows down.

Any color requirement per volume

Black and white or full color CMYK, or go wild with white, UV reflective clear, a customer or metallic color or in the cutting profile with a laser die.The system comes with the processing power to support every complex decision.

How to tackle counterfeiting

Advancements in technology and developments in the digital printing world now allow brand owners to arm themselves with an impressive armory of ‘protection’.

What is the “Do More with Less” program?

The “Do More with Less” program offers a range of actions that improve all aspects of the print production workflow: it helps to reduce lead time, minimize the amount of material waste, and keep ink/toner consumption and operator efforts to a minimum.

Dry toner or UV Inkjet?

With dry toner, avail food-safe printing on a range of substrates without sacrificing consistent quality. Retain your color strength and enjoy offset-level crisp detailing,

What if durability is your chief concern? UV inkjet ensures the highest level of steadfastness, even without varnish or lamination.

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Full Variable Label Printing and Converting Thumb


Full Variable Label Printing and Converting

So what’s new in the world of labels? Pundits and Industry Influencers gave their predictions: more investment in full production automation enhanced variable data ...

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What can I print with this solution?

Customers obviously just want to buy labels that serve their purpose. At times, they might take this for granted. It’s up to us to provide the solutions that work across end-use applications, throughout varying requirements.

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