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Creativity is about to explode


by Danny Mertens

Heads up all you brand owners, designers, printers and converters – there’s new and tantalising creative functionality coming your way that’s going to blow your socks off!

unique products

It seems like mass customisation has been around forever and consumers are now paying a premium for a unique product. Most of us love receiving a personalised gift whatever the celebration – it makes the gift extra special. However, the effort involved in producing that product can be a chore and an expense for many in the supply chain. 

Up to now designs have been based on vector graphics, created freehand by a designer or an illustrator, but - 

What if you could utilise the pictures taken by a camera and find innovative variable data software that could immediately create unique designs for your brands in a random way using pixel based data? 
What if you could automate personalised image creation within the printing process? 
Wouldn’t that be amazing?

limitless possibilities

You could create designs on the fly in seconds, every single one in a different and unique pattern. The possibilities would be limitless!

Just imagine - no investments in prepress tools upfront, no dedicated staff and importantly big savings in time and costs. For decades cost has been the differentiator in our industries, but the ever-rising costs of consumables and labour makes it virtually impossible now to successfully compete on cost. What is needed more than ever is Efficiency through Automation.

variable data software

Good news! Xeikon has moved mass customisation to a new level of automation, bringing to market its new variable data software – VariOne. This revolutionary and integrated software solution opens new doors to a new kind of creativity and differentiation for the brand owner, the designer, the printer and the consumer. What sets this new innovation apart is the immediacy of the process, which is all built into Xeikon’s digital front end - X-800. Xeikon’s variable data software can now immediately process, format and print unique creative designs based on an image taken by a camera. This is a completely new breakthrough and a complete game changer. 

Brand owners and their designers will be able to utilise this opportunity to ‘up their game’ in a variety of sectors with millions of different applications for fashion magazines, retail catalogues, tourist information marketing, promotional materials and competitions for football clubs and popular film makers as well as high end label and packaging producers and manufacturers.

uniqueness of each design

The secret is in the complete uniqueness of each design driven by the big database and taken from an image taken by a camera. Processed on the fly and every one in a different pattern, brand owners will be able to create new and unusual designs from photographs with creative colour combinations in millions of shapes, styles and surreal effects. Security can also be embedded into the unique images with holograms etc. Created by the brand owner and controlled by the database on Xeikon’s digital front end (DFE), these truly unique designs can be immediately printed on both Xeikon’s dry toner and inkjet presses. 

By opening new doors of creativity, Xeikon is taking imagery to new levels with an explosion of creativity which will add value for everyone in the supply chain in a million ways. Xeikon’s innovative solution has taken a complicated prepress process and made it immediately fast and flexible. Xeikon is changing the future of creativity.  

Available for demonstration at the company’s Global Innovation Center in Lier and commercially available as from now. It’s important to note that Xeikon has added a new variable data service to its full suite of support services (XSS) including the TRANSFORM online advisory hub for all printers and converters.