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Self-adhesive Labelling

Metallic, Silver, Gold



Perfume bottles need to stand out on the shelf. Brand owners are looking for tools to give their product a luxury look and feel, tools to achieve high end, eye catching unique, entertaining and creative labels. Xeikon’s Metallic Gold or Silver toner offer an easy solution to implement an embellishment technique that can be used during the print process. In one step, together with the process colors, the Silver or Gold effect can be applied. The Xeikon X-800 digital workflow generates the content that will be printed using the Metallic effect and sends it to the 5th color station. With no need for tooling and reduced setup times, this economical solution offers a level of embellishment that results in similar effects compared to flexo metallic inks. Making this available via digital printing enables label printers to run high-end, short to medium-sized jobs at substantially reduced costs with a shorter time to market.

Addition of Metallic Gold or Silver adds an extra effect to the label – giving it an exclusive look, resulting in more impact on the shelf. The Metallic colors fit in the 5th color station of the Xeikon Cheetah press and thus can be printed together with the CMYK process colors. Dry toner technology allows for hassle-free color swapping by just replacing the toner dosing unit and the developer unit.. There is no extensive cleaning process required as toners are dry.

Since the metallic effect is applied as a spotcolor, it can also be used to add an extra feature to variable elements.

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