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Take your printing business to the next level

Do your sheet-fed book presses  have a hard time keeping up with delivery deadlines? Want to increase your book production, but don’t have the floor space for additional printers? Xeikon boosts capacity and quality with a compact roll-to-roll solution. Or complement your sheet-fed printers with our roll-to-sheet technology for smarter book printing.

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Your goals, fulfilled

Add digital printing power to increase capacity and print your ambitions.

The aim: to speed up your book production and expand your capacity with roll-fed digital printing.

Upscale your productivity

Roll-fed manufacturing has a lot of advantages over sheet-fed manufacturing. Loading a roll is easier than loading paper trays and it contains a higher amount of printable sheets, resulting in more effective output and a larger production autonomy.

Reduce printing costs

With roll-fed production, there’s no need to sheet and pack paper individually. Rolls can be cut off variably depending on your order, significantly reducing your paper waste.

Optimize your operations

Rolls are easier to operate and don’t delay production as frequently with paper jams or refused sheets, ensuring smooth book printing and binding.

Discover the technology behind our digital book printing

At Xeikon, we use dry toner electrophotography to print excellent results. Why? Because the quality is consistently great, it allows for unlimited ink coverage, and ensures that we can print high-resolution images with darkly-colored details. To top it off, Xeikon’s dry toner can print on any substrate without pretreatment, which means you can perfectly print on the paper you’re familiar with.  

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Level up your book printing with these applications

Why should you choose Xeikon & digital printing?

With Xeikon’s printing presses, you get to experience ultimate freedom and flexibility in your book production. Discover digital full-color printing that can produce high-resolution photographic images, even on large formats. Perfect for your high-end coffee table book or layflat photobook. Decide what printing paper to use, coated or not, pre-treated or not, our digital printers are fine with both. To top it off, our printers care about the planet and print with 100 % deinkability for a sustainable result. Want to combine all these features with third-party software? Don’t let us stop you. Your Xeikon printer, your choice. 

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BookBaby and Xeikon affirm partnership with installation of 2nd press Thumb


BookBaby and Xeikon affirm partnership with installation of 2nd press

Add digital printing power to increase capacity and print your ambitions.

Boost your book printing capacity and quality with a compact roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet solution. All without taking up too much of your precious floor space.

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