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What does the future hold in store for digital label printing?

Labels What does the future hold in store for digital label printing?


by Danny Mertens

Innovation is an integral part of what we do at Xeikon. Based on the feedback we receive from our customers, the team is working hard on new technologies – software, consumables and hardware – to improve workflows and production processes of label converters around the world. In this blog we want to shed some light on the way we continuously strive for the best and let you know how we see the future of digital label printing.

Innovation at Xeikon

Everything we do at Xeikon is aimed at helping you achieve your goals. Just like you, we want to deliver faster turnaround times and even better looking labels, all combined in a single, effective workflow that allows your business to prosper. To do so, we think it’s important to listen to our customers. Their requirements and business needs form the basis of our innovation strategy.

Innovation ingrained in the Xeikon DNA

Improving existing technology and coming up with innovative new ways to help label converters, is an objective we set out for every individual employee at Xeikon. As such, pushing boundaries and observing new ways to improve our products is ingrained into the core DNA of the company. The objective is always the same: to come up with practical and easy to use solutions that allows our customers to improve their business.

Apart from our customers, the Xeikon Aura partner network is an important influx of new ideas and concepts. By talking to print professionals and observing business trends in other industries, our experts can get a pretty good idea of what tomorrow’s label converters will need. Based on these observations, the team comes up with innovations.

In terms of workflows, which include press interface and image workflow, Xeikon focuses on four spearheads:

  1. Continuous improvements in color / quality.

  2. Striving towards green button operation by simplifying the user interface.

  3. Facilitate manageability, for example via Dashboard Services.

  4. Integration with customers’ environments (objective to streamline the process towards the press).

Fusion technology: the pinnacle of digital combination printing

Case in point is our innovative Fusion technology. Back in September 2015, long before our competitors, we already revealed a glimpse of true digital combination printing for label converters at Labelexpo. The feedback we received there inspired our experts to fine-tune the new technology and add even more features. The end result is a modular hardware platform which in its basic form allows for full color reproduction and can be expanded with hardware modules to digitally print embellishments, all integrated in one workflow.

Digital workflow updates

The advancements in digital technology are coming fast. Amidst these innovations, it’s easy to lose track of what is important for your business. So how does that evolution stack up to the lifecycle of our print presses, the physical hardware?

It’s safe to say our machines can last up to 10 years and longer. In terms of the digital frontend, printers get access to all the latest features by simply downloading the latest software version. Besides the digital frontend, converters have several tools at their disposal to manage and enhance the digital production – dashboarding, color management tools, etc. These are now offered as cloud services, meaning you don’t even have to update them anymore – you always have the latest version.

Maximum support for hardware

In terms of hardware, we work very hard to ensure maximum support, even for our older models. We do this not only by keeping available spare parts but also by working on new upgrades as long as possible, so that when converters do need to invest in new machines, they know they have squeezed all the juice out of their last-gen hardware.

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