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Digital large format printing for label converters – an introduction

Labels Digital large format printing for label converters – an introduction


by Danny Mertens

So far, our blog posts have talked about digital printing complementing conventional printing. But are there other opportunities? What if one of your clients suddenly asks you to do a large format printing job, such as a banner or poster for advertising? Is your digital printer up for the task? Short answer: yes, it is.

Digital large format printing for label converters – an introduction

Xeikon label presses are designed to make it easy for converters to deal with large format printing on their digital machine. In fact, digital large format printing has a number of major benefits over other methods. For one, printing both the labels and the advertising material on the same press will guarantee a consistent look.

Evidently, maximum print sizes may vary from printer to printer. However, generally speaking, the following jobs are considered large format:

  • Store display

  • Shelf-ready packaging

  • Promotional posters and stickers

  • Banners

  • Wallpapers

Benefits of digital large format printing

The benefits of digital label printing also apply to large format printing. The cost is typically lower, especially for small run jobs. There is no need for printing plates and the setup is really easy, resulting in a much faster turnout time. Digital large format printing allows changes and manipulations to designs to happen really fast. Furthermore, all prints are consistent and precise, meaning there is no variance between each print, also because human intervention is not required. Another advantage is that digital large format printing allows for printing on a variety of substrates – basically anything that goes into the digital press. Working with Xeikon gives printers the additional advantage in that they are printing odorless and with great lightfastness. In other words, the product will look great on the shelf, even after a longer period.

Large format printing for label converters

The Xeikon 3050, in particular, with its variable web width (up to 516 mm or 20.3”) is great for large format printing. In terms of substrates, the Xeikon 3050 handles all common label substrates, as well as vinyl (sticker printing), paper and carton (for posters) and translucent PET (for lightboxes). In other words, ideal for large format printing!

See the proof

Would you like to see for yourself what our label presses can do in terms of large format printing? You can upload up to 5 different large format designs at We will produce them on 2 different substrates, with a Xeikon press or you can choose to produce some great samples we've selected for you.

Upload your large format designs here