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Shifting to digital label printing with Xeikon as your partner

Labels Shifting to digital label printing with Xeikon as your partner


by Danny Mertens

acquiring and implementing a digital machine might seem daunting at first…

When you have been printing with flexographic presses all your life,

It is definitely not a decision you should take overnight. However, it’s important to realize that going from analogue to digital printing isn’t as complex as it is sometimes described to be. Especially when you choose Xeikon to be your partner. we offer a guiding hand throughout the entire acquisition and implementation process.

Finding the right digital printing press

Is your company making the leap into digital label printing? Great, you will become much more efficient at small run jobs and expand your overall customer base in no time.

However, first things first. Now that you are exploring digital printing, it is time to find yourself a high quality digital press. You may already have a general idea about what it is you are looking for but still might be uncertain about the details. Don’t worry – Xeikon’s sales team will help you fill in the gaps. Even when you are completely new to digital printing technology we can help you make the best purchase.

digital label printing Xeikon


One of the team’s main concerns is to make sure that you know what to expect at all times. We always start with an in-depth cost analysis of both analogue and digital label printing technologies. Years of experience have granted us a clear view on the business, so we can give you a pretty good idea where you will be saving money with your newly acquired digital press.


Now it’s time to see digital label printing technology in action. Our sales department will gladly welcome you in one of four Xeikon Technology Centers worldwide: Antwerp (Belgium), Chicago (United States), Tokyo (Japan) or Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). There we demonstrate the Xeikon press functionalities, run your files on the substrate you request and convert the printed work into real labels on our Xeikon DCoat systems. As such you will know immediately if our solutions are right for you. (Get a taste of that already at

Additionally, if you want, we can put you in touch with one or more of our customers around the globe who will gladly give you their unvarnished opinion about our products. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the pitfalls they have come across when switching to digital. For example, you may want to ask how their staff handled the implementation process or how their sales department coped with the changes – a great learning experience!


Upon closing the deal our team will organize a meeting where all your concerns and possible implementation issues will be thoroughly discussed and addressed (e.g.: “Can my Xeikon digital press be placed directly next to my flexo press”?) . In our implementation plan, we not only focus on installing your machine, we also provide job specific training sessionsfor your entire printing department, from calculation to production. Over the course of six months, the Xeikon implementation team will be at your service 24/7.


Our service plan not only includes maintenance and repair of your digital press, we also offer solutions to potential application challenges and are right around the corner should you run into problems with a specific print job.

Let’s say one of your customers has a very challenging variable data job for you. How do you prepare the files? In which sequence do you print them? How do you convert them so you deliver a satisfactory result? Our team of experts and technicians is available worldwide.


Xeikon is a company dedicated to the digital production of self adhesive labels going from software/digital press/consumables/substrate to converting. Our all-in-one focus, which you will also find in our people, makes Xeikon’s machines truly shine.

Our strong suits include:

  • Great support throughout the entire purchasing process.
  • The Technology Center lets you try our presses for yourself.
  • Our extensive implementation plan has got you covered.
  • Incredible post purchase service plan for maintenance and application issues.
  • Don’t take our word for it, talk to our customers before you buy.


digital label printing Xeikon