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No cure, no ROI - data meets impact with this digital print label

Labels No cure, no ROI data meets impact with this digital print label


by Danny Mertens

Rare is the union of beauty and purity, Juvenal said. At the 2017 Flint Group awards at Labelexpo 2017, one label was deemed so special the company invented an “Overall Winner award” on the spot for it. Why?

Quality is not act, it is a habit. (Aristotle)

A flawless execution of a deceivingly simple label that, upon second gaze, holds more than one layer of beauty. How to wow the label market’s finest? Purity meets data meets impact.

When Kiwi Labels participated in a honey conference, they offered to deliver bottles of water as a giveaway for visitors. Smart marketing move; it’s the perfect occasion to design and print a label that shows the company’s craftsmanship and makes a lasting visual impact. But Kiwi could do one better. Visitors to a conference? That means data - and lots of it. How do you capture that data and secure it against counterfeiting? Cast and cure. Kiwi Labels went all out with a pure design, printed to perfection on the Xeikon 3300, finished with Cast and Cure that’s laminated on top, to create a varnish, holographic water bubble effect. Personalized with a unique QR code per bottle, unfolding hidden data under a blacklight, making the entire bottle counterfeit-proof. Intricate, yet simple.

The end result?

A digital print label Xtraordinaire that looks and feels as pure as the water it contains, yet subliminally secures data capture and provides security against data counterfeiting.

The printer – Kiwi Labels, New Zealand

“We know our craft and we trust our Xeikon 3300. Conventional print was never an option; it does not enable variable data. We were confident our Xeikon 3300 would deliver the perfect print basis; the 1200 dpi rendition secured a nature-sharp look that would enhance the finishing. This was the clarity of resolution we needed for the finish. And thanks to the security settings and variable data option, every label now has its unique identity. Only Xeikon could have created this kind of impact. Kiwi Labels found the unique success combination.”

The Xeikon team:

“Kiwi Labels has been printing on the Xeikon 3300 for many years now. We applaud how they found a new way for the Xeikon 3300 to reinvent itself. Combining print resolution quality with variable data and the Cast and Cure solution is just brilliant. And the fact that they complicated things by using it for the purest and most simple design in nature, is just humbling. This label is complex, yet simple - a true thing of beauty and most deserved overall winner.”
The judges: 

“This is truly spectacular, it just jumps off the shelf. The various embellishment techniques elevate one another and culminate in the ultimate eye-catcher. This label truly allows both printer and customer to differentiate themselves from the competition. Amazing.”

Tech specs:

Customer: H20 promotional bottle for Kiwi Labels     
Printed on digital press: Xeikon 3300 
Inks and colors used: CMYK Toner + Cast and Cure
Label substrate material: Gloss permanent    
Digital advantage: enable variable QR code for personalized promotion 
Embellishing effects: cast and cure coating
Press acknowledgement:


For LabelExpo Europe, printers from all over the world, shared their custom label prints produced on their Xeikon digital label press to participate in the Flint Group Print Awards 2017. This Label Xtraordinaire was selected as the overall winner of the Flint Group Print Awards 2017.