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Life’s too short, the digital label’s too good - buy the wine!

Labels Life’s too short, the digital label’s too good buy the wine!


by Danny Mertens

When they’d buy the wine because of the label, you know you struck digital labels’ gold. The Label Makers Limited in the UK made its Xeikon CX3 work hard to deliver a unique piece of custom label printing.

A unique piece of custom label printing

The wine supplier wanted a label that would convey the taste and feel of the wine, so the designer opted for a layered design that would only be done justice by a variety of embellishing techniques. The Xeikon CX3 qualified as the digital label press that would be able to print the intricate details of the feathers in high quality in high volume at high speed. The integrated finishing options secured the finishing touch for a Label Xtraordinaire that could be printed quickly and applied smoothly for a pungent first impression.

The end result?

A wine label Xtraordinaire sports various embellishment effects to emanate the luxurious yet light feel of the design. The subtle harmony of the various techniques elevates the original design to a perfectly executed label that invites to purchase what can only be presumed to be a lavishly layered wine.

The printer - The Label Makers Limited, UK:

“Volume and quality were of the essence for our customer. But we saw the potential of the design to do one better. The airy details of the feathers could only be strengthened by the resolution details the Xeikon CX3 has on offer. That’s why we aimed at creating a label that would show intricate detailing at high speed and volume, strengthened by the embellishment techniques. A lot of trial and error, but it wasn’t until we ran it on the Xeikon CX3 that we know we hit the magic combo jackpot.” 

The Xeikon team:

“The label has a light, elegant look and looks simple enough, but is actually incredibly complex. A simple design often requires the most skilled hand/press to make sure it is just picture-perfect printed. There is no room for error when there is so little that must be perfect. The Labels Maker Limited really put the Xeikon XC3 to the test pushing for so much detail in such a large volume. It delivered.”

The judges: 

“We’d buy the wine just because of the label. It just speaks to the artist craft of printing - you can almost feel the colors and touch the feathers. Good design done justice with perfect execution. Expectations met. Let’s hope the wine in the bottle is up to par with the label.”

Tech specs:

Customer: The Label Makers Limited, United Kingdom    
Printed on digital press: Xeikon CX3 
Inks and colors used: QA-CH Xeikon Toner 4 Color Process + white 
Label substrate material: Fasson Skin Blanc S2030 Wine Adhesive    
Digital advantage: Large volume potential combined with outstanding image quality
Embellishing effects: embossing, foil stamping    

For LabelExpo Europe, printers from all over the world shared their custom label prints produced on their Xeikon digital label press to participate in the Flint Group Print Awards 2017. This Label Xtraordinaire was first runner-up in the wine category for the Flint Group Print Awards 2017.