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Label printing, your way; self adhesive label suite

Labels Label printing, your way; self adhesive label suite


by Filip Weymans

Self-adhesive labels have seen a rapid increase in product variety as of late. A thrivingly diverse customer base is rearing its head, challenging how brands and retailers cater to its demands. What is contributing to this demand? The customization and versioning of labels.

Versioning and customization

Versions can be targeted to specific geographic or demographic groups while customization is catered to seasonal and event-related offerings. Keeping all this in mind, brand owners are geared up to compete for all. Throw in an uncompromising hunger for striking, sophisticated packaging and voila... product life cycles are shorter and more demanding. Digital printing, with its boundless variability, is equipped for the challenge like no other technology is.

Self adhesive label technology; choosing is hard!

Whatever end-use applications you are focused on to meet the goals of versioned and customized labels, it is worthy to note there is no black or white ‘perfect’ digital solution for label production. Whichever one you choose though, rest assured that digitization always guarantees a more sustainable label solution. Higher production efficiency, less waste and energy consumption… and very many more.

Dry toner electrophotography and UV inkjet each have unique features. While there are mind blowing advantages to be gained from integrating both into a conventional workflow (reducing the costs of shorter, more versioned runs) how does digital printing really go to the next level? Simple. With an automated workflow that includes the right presses and digital finishing tools.

This is where our Self-Adhesive Label Suite comes in, allowing all solutions to blend together into an integrated workflow!

The aim? Produce ready-to-use self-adhesive labels for practically any end-use. 

The components? One or more Xeikon digital color presses, a dedicated workflow, pre+post-printing equipment and consumables. 

Let’s take a look at these digital forces as they come together to fast-track your success to label printing customization.

Find the perfect solution

Entry level production? We have a Discovery solution for you. Upgrading to support business growth? We recommend Xeikon Cheetah 2.0 Series. Perhaps you need high durability with UV inkjet? Then, meet our Panther Series.

We've created a handy tool that helps identify the label solution type you need. Simply answer a few questions, receive results… and gain access to the followup options right for you!

Workflow Xeikon X-800

Our digital front-end, X-800 offers unparalleled quality and productivity. Most importantly perhaps, you can now enjoy seamless integration with the workflow/tools you’re already using. Working with complex variable data? X-800 handles prepress, data processing, and press operation functionality together, enabling you to print all common input files. What’s more, if you are looking to further optimize your productivity and minimize waste, the X-800 comes with several plug-ins to achieve exactly those goals.

Application tuned toners and inks

Under constant scrutiny and development, our dry toners and our UV inks are crafted to meet the needs of specific label market applications. When it comes to food safety, dry toner technology is unbeatable. Because dry toner prints are food safe and odorless, they are the prime pick to label  products in the food industry. On the flip side, UV inkjet creates silky smooth and high-gloss surfaces that makes solid colors pop and pushes your designers to get creative with texture, enabling 3D and embossed effects. UV inks have high durability which makes it also the first choice for durable labels on many chemical products. 

The Discovery solution comes with our QB-I toner or ICE, its variant for heat-sensitive materials, while the Xeikon Cheetah 2.0 Series runs on a Cheetah toner. The Xeikon PX3300, PX2200 and the Xeikon PX30000 use PantherCure UV inks. 

Feeding and Finishing

The varnished icing on top of a smoothly produced run, our Self-Adhesive Label Suite presents a range of finishing equipment. These include print medium supply (PMS) units, rewinders, buffers, varnishing and die-cutting stations. All these are specially designed to let you produce cost-effective roll-to-roll self-adhesive labels. 

In conclusion? Customization has never been easier

Combining all these components, Xeikon’s Self Adhesive Label Suite lets you produce fully finished labels with state-of-the-art digital presses and a selection of inline or offline finishing.

Want more insight into the customization suite?

Download the Self Adhesive Label Suite white paper now.