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Hitting the right colors over without a sweat - Meet the Color Services Team

Labels Hitting the right colors over without a sweat Meet the Color Services Team


by Danny Mertens

Creating and recreating labels quickly and profitably is one of digital printing’s strong suits. To reproduce and keep on reproducing the same color you need top-notch color management. In some cases, a little extra help might come in handy. That is why we have created the Color Service. Traditional printers jumping on the digital wagon need their print jobs to be predictable, repeatable and thus profitable. To accomplish that in a digital environment requires a new approach. This is where the Color Services Team steps in. 

Print Jobs That Are Predictable, Repeatable And Thus Profitable

Getting the label colors just right requires knowledge and expertise. Not only do you want the label to look sharp, you also need a color that can be easily reproduced. The Color Services Team sets you on your way. Together with the label converter they assess the color and make sure it can be reproduced effectively for future purposes.

Color Experts

The Color Services Team works closely with all the stakeholders at the company. First, we assess the project’s goals and expectations of those involved (marketing, production, prepress, management). Then the color expert gets to work. He or she will make an audit of the business combined with the tools required for the job and the procedures to be implemented. All this information is then taken back to the table to be discussed with the stakeholders so they know which tools they will need to move forward.

The last step involves implementing the selected procedure, and training the operators and production managers, so they can verify the required quality specifications for the job. When all the tools are implemented, production starts. After a couple of months, the project is reassessed and adjustments are made where needed.

Color Service Team: XeikonColorControl, ColorKey And ColorForecast

The backbone of the production procedure is XeikonColorControl. It’s a cloud-based service that enables printers to create color profiles and verify If all the specs are met on the press. If the color requirements aren’t up to scratch, the machine will need to be recalibrated or a new color profile will have to be created.

XeikonColorControl generates high-quality ICC-profiles, with special prefixed settings, optimized for labels and packaging applications, document printing and book printing. Calculations are done on the web server and communicated within minutes.

Quality control is the first step in checking the production output. XeikonColorControl offers all possible methods to control a total environment. Color management enables device optimization. With XeikonColorControl, it can be enabled with just one click. Users are able to fine-tune each specific device. Data Analysis fits naturally within this workflow. Being a web-based and database-driven workflow, changes in hardware and/or software can be easily detected.

Is your label color a bit off? ColorForecast will give the exact color deviation of the design so you can easily adjust the settings without losing valuable production time.

ColorKey drives the spectrophotometer, enabling you to measure the Lab value of a specific color to monitor any deviations from a preset standard throughout the print run. ColorKey also offers you and your press operators access to clear reports, analyzing and mapping each production run.

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