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Forget winging it, this digital print label nails it!

Labels Forget winging it, this digital print label nails it!


by Danny Mertens

In the middle of Mexico, the Vega Manchón winery pours dedication into cultivating the most excellent of wines. International wine competitions acclaim this winery for its unsurpassed quality control that ferments grapes into world-class drinks of the gods.

Wine is sunlight, held together by water. (Galileo)

The owner commissioned a special artwork to honor and promote the content of the bottle in a successful national media promotion campaign. To get the print of that label not just right, but perfectly right, he turned to an experienced printer in the wine and spirits market.

A batch of 5000 layered labels to match the savor-layered Nebbiolo, proved no match for the Xeikon 3300 at Eticom’s. In no less than one week’s time, they produced a digital print label of impeccable quality at an astounding price.

Eticom considers Xeikon its go-to digital print supplier. For this particular label, they relied on the Xeikon 3300 to make sure the pricing was spot-on. The 3300 offers an accurate ink consumption calculation, allowing users to anticipate actual print costs before considering finishing options. As they managed to achieve a pitch perfect black that contrasts nicely with the vibrant finishing that elevates the artwork, Eticom realized they had once again lived up to their reputation. 

The end result?

A digital print label Xtraordinaire that not only respected the fine content the bottle contained, but also invited the viewer to uncork and enjoy of moment of exquisiteness.

The printer – Eticom Sa De CV, Mexico:

“This Nebbiolo wine comes from a reputed winery. Its reputation is only surpassed by the exquisite taste of the wines itself. For this batch, the owner commissioned a dedicated label to suit the uniqueness of the wine. 5000 bottles, waiting to be adorned with a digital print label. Xeikon is our go-to digital printer, not in the least because it allows for easy ink consumption calculation. Given the project’s technicality, cost proved an elementary factor to make a luxurious yet affordable label. One week of production time was all it took before the customer could go to market.”

The Xeikon team:

“Getting the black background right to register the different finishes and process colors perfectly is a skill that Eticom mastered to perfection on the Xeikon 3300. They achieved a fascinating look and feel on both the image and texture. A quick turnaround at the fastest go-to-market and best price characterize the 3300 output.”
The judges: 

“A fine label to behold. Solid blacks, foil, varnish, embossing - it holds great promise. If the content fits the label, this wine would be priceless.”

Tech specs:

Customer: Eticom Sa De CV, Mexico.    
Printed on digital press: Xeikon 3300 
Inks and colors used: QA-I CMYK
Label substrate material: State nr. 8 Wausau coated    
Digital advantage: high-quality print label to secure precision and quality of multitude of finishing techniques
Embellishing effects: hot stamping, embossing, debossing and tactile varnish

For LabelExpo Europe, printers from all over the world, shared their custom label prints produced on their Xeikon digital label press to participate in the Flint Group Print Awards 2017. This Label Xtraordinaire scooped first place in the wine category for the Flint Group Print Awards 2017.