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Abbey Labels: “One step ahead thanks to the Xeikon CX3”

Labels Abbey Labels: “One step ahead thanks to the Xeikon CX3”


by Danny Mertens

Abbey Label is a high quality label printing business with a rapid turnaround rate, catering for businesses in food, drink, retail, cosmetic, health and chemical industries. In order to stay on top of their game, Abbey Label invested in a first digital press a couple of years ago. Later they decided to add another one. “The Xeikon CX3 was chosen to help us address the continuously increased demand for digital and achieve a 20% year-on-year growth", explains Tom Allum, Chairman of Abbey Labels.

Abbey Labels: “One step ahead thanks to the Xeikon CX3”

The speed of the Cheetah is winning new business

The Xeikon CX3 contributed to achieve their turnaround goal of four days. The speed of the press – 30 meters per minute or 98ft/min (56% faster than the current presses) – enables Abbey Labels to create a highly flexible approach to print production, while also helping them to expand their portfolio and win new business. “We are now able to work with direct thermal labels and thinner films thanks to the Cheetah toner. We are well-known for our ability to run complex jobs on a wide range of substrates, and the Xeikon CX3 allows us to continue and expand that service”, states Allum. 

Food safe inks

Working for a lot of customers in the food business, Abbey Labels expects certain standards in printing. “The odorless dry toner technology with food-safe inks was also a big selling point”, Allum points out. “Since we work a lot with trade customers, we don’t always know what we are quoting for, and being BRC and ISO14001 accredited, we need the reassurance that however we run it, we can meet those standards. Having Xeikon technology, we are certain.”

“The mix of flexo and digital positions us well for the future”

With the arrival of the Xeikon CX3, Abbey Labels was not only able to boost their digital turnout, it also allowed them to optimize the production of their flexo presses. “We are not taking work from our flexo presses”, Allum explains. “The work we are gaining in digital is new work for us from current customers and we are also dramatically increasing our customer base. Whatever technology the customer chooses, there is no degradation in quality. The mix of flexo and digital printing positions us well for the future. We can produce one label of millions or many millions of one label. We have to be a jack of all trades in this business, and the Xeikon CX3 will help us do just that.”

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